News for Fenis

(Reference to penises, plus some penis art and garments for penises, so not to everyone’s taste.)

From Kyle Wohlmut on Facebook today, items from the gift shop at Castello di Fénis, in the Italian Alps:

(#1) Models of the castle, the castle in snowglobes, but featuring a bag with Fenis (easily read as Penis) in a red heart, conveying ‘I love Fenis’

First: on the castle, the town, and its location (so close to Switzerland — on this blog, many roads lead to Switzerland; or Homoland; or both). Then the red meat: on readings of Fenis; on penis bags (bags with penises on them); on penis bags (bags with penis on them); and on the intimate men’s garment the penis bag (aka penis pouch or cock sock).

Fénis Castle. From Wikipedia:


Fénis Castle (Italian: Castello di Fénis, French: Château de Fénis) is an Italian medieval castle located in the town of Fénis [about 13 km (8 mi.) from the city of Aosta]. It is one of the most famous castles in Aosta Valley, and for its architecture and its many towers and battlemented walls has become one of the major tourist attractions of the region.

Aosta is 38.9 km (24.2 mi.) from the Great St Bernard Pass by road. On the map:

(#3) Where the northwest corner of Italy abuts both France (to the west) and Switzerland (to the north) — all breath-takingly up in the Alps

From my 12/5/18 posting “News for massive dogs: St. Bernard of Menthon”

[from Wikipedia: the Great St Bernard Pass] connects Martigny in the canton of Valais in Switzerland with Aosta in the region Aosta Valley in Italy. It is the lowest pass lying on the ridge between the two highest mountains of the Alps, Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa [aka Dufourspitze]. The pass itself is located in Switzerland in the canton of Valais, very close to Italy.

(Yes, where the dogs come from.)

The Fenis bag. Things would no doubt have been easier if the bag had said Fénis, and if the F of Fenis hadn’t looked so much like a P. As it stands, some readers were tempted to see Fenis as the plural of Feni, whatever a Feni is; the bag then says you ❤️ them.

Two other readers went for Fenis as a pun. One offered Fenis navidad (Feliz Navidad). Another went for Fenis reborn (Venus Reborn, that is the painting The Birth of Venus by Botticelli).

But whether you saw that F as a P or not, you almost surely entertained ❤️Fenis as ❤️ Penis. Of course you did. That makes the bag in #1 a penis bag, for some interpretation of the compound penis bag. Here are three…

— a bag with a penis on it. As it trns out, there are tons of bags of all sorts (tote bags, handbags, gym bags, what have you) with representations of penises on them, ranging from the anatomically accurate to the stunningly artful. For instance, this playful duffel bag with rainbow penises on it, from the søciety6 site:

(#4) The “You can’t say Happiness without Penis” bag by Nikki Nikki

— a bag with penis on it. Two canvas tote bags from CafePress: just plain penis:


and I ❤️ PENIS:


— a bag for a penis: a penis pouch or cock sock, like this LinvMe penis pouch available from Amazon (in black, blue, and red):


(The  makers of #7 think that one size fits almost all. I’m dubious.)

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Two other readers went for Fenis as a pun. One offered Fenis navidad (Feliz Navidad). Another went for Fenis reborn (Venus Reborn, that is the painting The Birth of Venus by Botticelli).

    Did nobody go for a connection to fenice = “phoenix” (with a side trip — always worth taking — to Venice)?

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