The crocheted penis

(Today’s not-dead-yet posting; life has been very difficult, but I don’t think I’m up to providing details.)

In the penis art category — there’s even a Page on this blog about my postings on the subject — an entry in Susie Bright’s Journal (in her category “The Leisure Hours: Susie Bright’s Latest Food, Drink, Craft, Goof-Off”): “The Crocheted Penis: Jack Davis created a whole new world in fiber art” from earlier today.

Warning: this is going to be about (simulacra of) penises, so clearly not to everyone’s taste.

From Susie’s posting:

I first met Jack Davis when I was a frequent visitor to a lesbian … commune in Santa Cruz, circa 1981. He lived in the basement, and despite having the least comfy room in the house, he was more productive than the rest of us put together.

The first time I visited Jack’s studio, he was crocheting a penis. Like everyone else who entered his lair, I was hooked.

(#1) An example of Davis’s art (photo by Mark Chester)

Later, Jack moved to San Francisco where his fiber arts are legendary. I’m one of many collectors in his cult.

So far, I have a cunning Valentine-doily penis in black and red— and a big knotty bruiser pierced with many amulets, including an old-time New York subway token.

And yes, if you’re nice to me, I’ll let you touch them.

It’s difficult for me when Jack has a gallery show, because if I get around a new crop of his penises, I Want Them All. But I can’t stay away… and I like to meet the other devotees!

Mr. Davis was kind enough to let me interview him when my curiosity got the better of me!

Excerpts from Susie’s interview:

Why did you start making penises?

I got my M.S. in Art, focusing on Fibers in 1975. I was in college in the 60s, and graduate school in the ’70s— I was influenced by the aesthetics of that period. Women in my weaving and textile classes were making wall hangings that looked like vulvas.

I wanted to make things that would help men feel good about themselves, and at the same time I was coming out as a big fag.

Are they knitted or crocheted?

Crocheted. Knitting is done with two needles; crochet is done with a single hook.

Are they cut or uncut?

All of the penises have foreskins.

How do you put one on?

You don’t; they aren’t penis warmers. They do open, however. There is a drawstring in each foreskin. So while they are not designed to be worn on a penis, you can put other things in them.

Then, from my 6/26/17 posting “Put a sock on it in parade season”, on cock socks:

There are two types: cock socks primarily designed to provide warmth and protection; and those primarily designed to display the penis.

The first type are sometimes given playful names, like willy warmer and peter heater, and they’re usually knitted, often in fanciful phallic forms (resembling a banana, pickle, elephant’s trunk, etc.). My favorites are those in rainbow colors, like this set:



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