the figure of hypallage, or transferred epithet, from Language Log and this blog

the first part of this inventory was assembled by Kim Darnell


AZ, 12/4/07: Extramarital toes: Extramarital toes
From Language Log, a story in the Economist refers to a British political scandal in which, “…No honours seem to have been sold, no politician’s Parisian hotel bills picked up, no extramarital toes sucked.”  This and other examples of hypallage are discussed.

11/8/09: Mortal texting: framing, hypallage: Mortal texting: framing, hypallage
Distracted drivingis an example of hypallage: distracted isn’t really modifying driving, but to the understood noun driver that may or may not be in the discourse.

11/10/09: Undistracted driving: Undistracted driving
A Brainwaves cartoon about (un)distracted driving, an example of hypallage.

12/18/09: Porn hypallage?: Porn hypallage?
Spotted in some porn-related spam, the hypallage amateur tits.

5/12/10: Annals of hypallage: Annals of hypallage
From a Talk of the Town piece in the May 10 New Yorker, people worried about nuclear proliferation are described with hypallage as having a “furrowed cast of mind.”

8/7/10: Names and occupations: Names and occupations
From Zippy, the near-hypallage “organic donuts.”

8/22/10 Sidetracking the golden goose: Sidetracking the golden goose
One interpretation of kill the golden goose is as a hypallage of kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, because the golden that is intended to apply to eggs (laid by a goose) is used to syntactically modify goose instead.

12/13/10: Porn hypallage and sex-part conversion: Porn hypallage and sex-part conversion
In the 1988 gay porn flick Cruisin’: Men on the Make, a dominant man says to his submissive fellator, “You suck good cock,” meaning “you suck cock good/well, you’re a good cocksucker”. A case of hypallage and count noun to mass noun conversion common with sex parts.

2/21/11: More on C/M: More on C/M
The striking headline Unrest Spreads, Some Violently may be a form of hypallage, with the violence meant to describe how some of the unrest spread, but modifying the spreading instead.

2/19/12: Head on a bed of penguins: Head on a bed of penguins
A PostSecret postcard refers to receiving head, an example of hypallage in the form sex-part conversion.

10/15/13: Shirtless hypallage: Shirtless hypallage
Several AMZ blog posts have referred to shirtless photos of X (e.g., Christopher Reeve). In this case, shirtless photos is a form of hypallage, because it isn’t the photos themselves that are shirtless, but the people who the photos are of.

10/21/13: Two cartoons: Two cartoons
A Bizarro cartoons features a pun on the phrase play a little guitar.  This represents kind of hypallage, with a VP adverbial converted to a modifier of a N (i.e., play guitar a little becomes play a little guitar).

7/28/15: VPE examples: VPE examples
A summary of examples from AMZ’s blog and Language Log regarding the X ant (antecedent), Y ell (ellipsis/anaphor) relationship. Includes a reference to a Language Log post on hypallage encouraged by the phrase extramarital toes in an Economist article.

8/10/15: C/M: C/M
An index posts about Count noun to Mass noun conversions, including examples of hypallage.

10/29/18: Revisiting 18: hypallage in the garden: Revisiting 18: hypallage in the garden
“Professional mulch” is not to be contrasted with “amateur mulch,” but mulch that is used by professionals. It’s the gardener, not the mulch, that’s (a) professional.


(end of Kim Darnell’s inventory)

12/6/18: O happy day! Annals of hypallage 2018: Hypallage annals 2018
this Page; web discussions of hypallage; food-source hypallage

12/10/18: Grass-fed beef: Grass-fed beef
food-source hypallage

12/13/18: Give head for Christmas: Give head for Christmas
hypallage in give good etc. head

3/7/19: The cable gremlins: The cable gremlins
adjectival fucking construed as a sentence adverbial