Give Head for Christmas!

(Significant sexual content, not for children or the sexually modest.)

Making the rounds on Facebook, this photo from a store sportswear department, with a sign that appears to be exhorting Christmas shoppers to give head ‘perform oral sex’:


Not that some prime seasonal head wouldn’t be a fine holiday gift — but the exhortation is, alas, only to give products of the Head company, which sells (among other things) sportswear.

(Hat tip to Michael Palmer, who was the proximal source of the image; goodness knows who took the photo in the first place.)

The company. From Wikipedia:

(#2) The company logo

Head N.V. is an American-Dutch sports and clothing company, which sells alpine skiing and tennis equipment. The company includes parts of several previously independent companies, including Head Ski Company, founded in Delaware, United States, in 1950; Tyrolia, an Austrian ski-equipment manufacturer; and Mares, an Italian manufacturer of diving equipment. Head Ski Company produced one of the first successful metal-wood composite downhill ski, the Head Standard, and one of the first oversized metal tennis rackets. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

give head. Previously on this blog:

on 12/13/10, in “Porn hypallage and sex-part conversion”:

You suck good cock ‘you suck cock good / well, you’re a good cocksucker’…  a transferred epithet, or hypallage …, related to the hypallage in give good / great / fantastic /… head.

In addition to the hypallage in suck good cockgive good head, etc., the base expressions suck cockgive head, etc. are themselves of note, illustrating conversions of C (count) nouns to M (mass)

C>M: sex-part conversion. A C noun denoting a sexual part has a M use denoting this part as a generalized object of lust (“I’m looking for some cunt / pussy / cock / dick / ass”).

on 7/25/12, in “Gay Messiah”: lines from Rufus Wainwright’s song “Gay Messiah”:

What will happen instead / Someone will demand my head / And then I will kneel down / And give it to them looking down

— playing on the possibility of understanding give head as ‘give (someone) the head of your penis (to fellate)’ rather than ‘perform oral sex (on someone)’.

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