Two cartoons

Monday morning comics: A Bizarro with word play, A Pearls Before Swine with a slogan reworked:


Another kind of hypallage (see here), with a VP adverbial (here, a little) converted to a modifier of a N: play guitar a little > play a little guitar. This particular hypallage has become conventionalized: play some / a lot of / occasional / etc. guitar.


KEEP CALM — CARRY ON is an excellent slogan phonologically: good prosody, near rhyme (note calmon). PANIC — AND THROW A FUCKING FIT isn’t quite as compact as the model, but it has its own virtues (includling the alliteration in FUCKING FIT, plus panic – fit).


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  1. Doug Harris Says:

    Arnold — This has nothing to do with the cartoons (both of which are great, BTW), but I have a link for you (you’ll love it, already!) and a question: I don’t know who’s in charge of Word of The Year, but I’d like to put forward (or have you do so, if ‘putting forward’ is limited) the word ‘reimagine’. It’s been worn to an imagination-crushing frazzel (with a meaning closer to (1) than to (2) in the urban dictionary, and BTW, were you aware of (2)? Like asparagus and garlic, curry’s scent passes on. Sort of a second-hand smutz.
    doug harris

  2. javava2012 Says:

    Arnold — I just posted a comment that went, I think, to my Facebook page. I enjoyed both these cartoons, but I also had a question/request: Re Word of the Year, I’d like to put forth, or have you do so if ‘putting forth’ is limited to a select number of individuals, the word ‘reimagine’. It’s been worn to a frazzle — not a frazzel, the second Urban Dictionary definition of which might amuse (and even surprise) you — this year. It’s nearly as annoying as the big-corporation-loving phrase ‘going forward’ — as if there were another way. (Opps! ‘Sorry! I forgot for a second there about the Tea Party’s backward-looking concept of ‘forward’!)BTW, I too, have been getting a lot of spam from ‘Dr. Ozzilla’. Fortunately, it’s all shifted, automatically, to my spam folder.BTW II: Did you know that residents of the Philippines are the world’s greatest per capita consumers of Spam? BTW III: Sometimes a misspelling produces interesting results — as in the case of ‘frazzel’. 😉

    Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 17:31:16 +0000 To:

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      I’ve now had two versions of comments from you, both offering observations and links that have nothing to do with the “Two cartoons” posting (however interesting some of them might be.) Comments on a posting are supposed to have to do with the content of that posting; this is not a space for free discussion of whatever interests you. (I do of course read e-mail and Facebook messages.)

      Any further off-topic comments will be deleted without response.

  3. Robert Coren Says:

    I read Rat’s sign as saying “Throw a shit fit”.

  4. Victor Steinbok Says:

    Same here–in my circles, “shit fit” is idiomatic. “A fucking fit” is really a stretch.

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