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Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?

April 24, 2017

From Chris Hansen on Facebook, a late entry in this year’s Easter Peepstakes: a model who dreamt he played with yellow Peeps in his Aronik swimwear:


About the company, its products, its models, its symbol, and its name


Quick, Bruce, the blat!

April 4, 2017

(Not for kids or the sexually modest, unless they/you have a high tolerance for weirdness and obscene allusion. No naughty bits will be on view, no acts of penetration will be detailed in print, it will all be in your mind’s eye. But that might be quite enough.)

Today’s morning name: the verb blat, which led me through a thicket of associations (largely phonological) having to do with beer, bars, baseball bats (real ones, of ash wood, and metaphorical ones, of manmeat), the Platte River in Nebraska, and then (by thematic association) to chiropterans, Die Fledermaus, Bruce Wayne and his boy wonder, vampires, and a lot of mansex — oh, those damn superheroes and bloodsuckers, it comes with the capes, they’re always sliding into Fagotopia, the fuckin’ flits. Along the way there will be two episodes of deranged free verse, none of it in the least bit wholesome, and some disastrous spraying by the Demon Dr. of Whoville.


Briefly: today’s metrical pleasure

February 21, 2017

In today’s Stanford Report (a daily report to the university community, three stories a day), the lead story has the teaser head:

Minuscule nanostraws

Ah: a double dactylic line: SWW SWW! Now to work it in as the first line of a full 8-line double dactyl.

Suggestions welcome.

(Oh yes, the nanostraw story is here.)

On the road from Frog Rock

February 8, 2017

Today’s Zippy starts at Frog Rock, where the roads diverge:



Two poems

January 2, 2017

… from the 1/1 New York Times Magazine: one this week’s poem selected by Matthew Zapruder, “Why I Am Like New Zealand” by James Galvin; the other a piece of found poetry on the very next page, in the first sentence of the article “Not Breathing” by Ryan Bradley (about free-diving).


Face work

November 27, 2016

(About semen and sex acts and facial expressions and slang and syntax — but, yes, semen is central to the posting, and there’s a lot of talk about sex acts in very plain terms. Only one photo, but it might make some people uneasy. So probably not for children or the sexually modest.)

Over on AZBlogX, a sale ad suggesting that the Lucas porn studio could supply you with a high-protein dessert for Thanksgiving: a splash of semen on your face. Lick and savor.

#1 there shows a man with a cumface, the result of a (cum) facial, the cum / jizz / spunk / cream / spooge supplied via the quite substantial cock also shown in the photo. On AZBlogX there are six more guys who’ve been facialed, who’ve gotten a facial (from a shooter), been given a facial (by a shooter), whose faces have been jizzed / spunked / creamed / spooged (by a shooter).


November 7th, in the liminal zone

November 7, 2016

Twilight Dawn in America

Between the dark and the daylight,
Between the end of Daylight Time and Election Day,
When the light is beginning to fade,
Comes a pause in the year’s occupation
That is known as Revolution and Solidarity Day,
Or, take your pick, Freedom Fighters Killing Day.

November 7th in America. We can be pleased that today’s birthdays include Marie Curie and Joan Sutherland. But then there’s the former national holiday of Bangladesh, a sad story of rebellion and ensuing dictatorship in a dreadfully beleagured country. And of course the terrible story of one of today’s saints, Ernest of Zwiefalten, disemboweled in the wars between Christianity and Islam, for God and territory (in roughly equal measure), over 800 years ago. A bloody awful day, in several senses.


Prose poem

November 2, 2016

In the October 31st New Yorker, this poem by Charles Rafferty, reprodced here photographically:


On its own website, the poem looks like this (again, reproduced photographically):


And when I copy this to my computer files, it looks like this (once again, photographically reproduced)”


Why the differences? Because “Attraction” is a prose poem.


Giantess Jackie

November 2, 2016

Today’s Zippy takes us back to Kennedy Camelot times (January 1961 – November 1963), through the medium of a gigantesque Jackie:


This is Bill Griffith’s work, so there is of course an actual giant statue of a Jackie Kennedy look-alike, a fiberglass Uniroyal Gal in Bolton NC (based on an original in Rocky Mount NC):


(The hair color and bikini color on these roadside figures are easily adjustable, as is the thing on the giantess’s hand; and in fact the bikini can be replaced by more decorous clothing. But the basic figure and its stance are fixed in fiberglass.)


Don’t get me wrong, the sex is great

October 30, 2016

Recently unearthed: a long poem I wrote in 1990 (in first draft) while I was visiting at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and then revised during my year there. It’s part of the outpouring of visual art, poetry, plays, memoirs, and fiction that followed on the AIDS crisis, so it’s very much of its time (though just a bit before Tony Kushner’s Angels in America and Thom Gunn’s AIDS poetry). Thanks to friends and to Fellows at CASBS for their comments (though many were too stunned to say much about the piece, and a novelist friend judged it to be just another item in an over-crowded field). I put it aside at the end of that year and hadn’t revisited it until last week, when an old friend wrote me about it, quoting his favorite section.

I made much of white space in the lines of the poem, an effect that was completely undone — insert furious swear-stream here — by the software on both WordPress and LiveJournal. I have now created a .pdf version preserving the spaces, which you can access by clicking on Candy Store poem.  (It’s just over 8 pages long.)