Sex positions

postings on sex positions, mostly for man-man sex

9/8/11: Athleticism:
athletic positions for rimming, 69, sit-fucks (several out-facing, one in-facing)

11/4/11: More athleticism:
Dario Beck in an athletic display of his dick; an athletic three-way, with Dean Flynn giving Dario a standing doggie-fuck, while Dario and Marco Blaze 69

12/7/12: Sex advice:
from Freedman & Mayes, Loving Men (1976) and Ford, Ultimate Gay Sex (2004)
everyday cocksucking, including face-fucking; spoon fucking; prone + rear entry fucking; kneeling + doggie fucking; supine + missionary fucking; bottom on his shoulders, ass elevated (scapular) + missionary fucking; standing fuck + missionary

☛ 6/28/13: Annals of sex positions:
vaginal: CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) and reverse CAT (woman on top)

☛ 6/3/15: Morning name: Elagabalus:
#1: prone man offering his ass, with hand reaching out

☛ 7/6/15: Offers:
bottom offers his hole: bending over, lying on his side (lateral, for spoon fucking), lying on his belly (prone, for rear entry), lying on his back (supine, ankles up, for missionary), crouching (for doggy/doggie-fucking)
top offers his cock for sit-fucking (facing in or facing out/away) or mid-air fuck

9/7/15: Three morning names:
#3: sex sling
A sex swing may allow for great freedom of movement during intercourse, or unique sexual positions. The person in the sling is made open for oral sex or for penetrative sex (vaginal or anal).

1/28/16: Lower bangs higher:
anal: fucking in the missionary position

1/31/16: X-rated Colby Keller:
#3: bottom Duncan Black on his shoulders, ass elevated, CK standing, facing him and fucking him (from the point of view of the bottom, this is a scapular fuck)

2/8/16: Kevin Wiles:
Chad Douglas fucking KW: #6 missionary, KW’s ankles on CD’s shoulders; #7 sit-fuck facing in, #8 sit-fuck facing out

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles:
#5 mid-air fuck (from the point of view of the bottom), Chad Douglas fucking Kevin Wiles

2/12/16: Liam Riley, power bottom twink:
sit-fucks, in-facing (#6) and out-facing (#7); Cowboy and Reverse Cowboy as names for these

2/12/16: Sex positions for gay men:
7 families of sex positions, based on the position of the body for the bottom, with Latin-derived names; the position Cowboy (aka sit-fuck or sessile fucking)

2/13/16: Brandon Lewis:
Flying Cowboy, Cowboy, and Reverse Cowboy in Lewis’s porn work

7/28/16: Lives of the pornstars: Jeff Quinn:
JQ fucked in prone, genicular, flectional positions

10/25/16: tail in the air:
figurative language based on getting fucked from behind

2/11/18: He meant to say “supine”:
prone and supine sex positions

3/16/18: Extended 69:
body alignments in 69: horizontal vs. vertical; for horizontal, side-by-side vs. top-on-bottom; Flying 69

10/1/18: Fall facework:
#5 Luke Adams in a extraordinarily acrobatic position for getting fucked: flying cowboy sidesaddle?

10/4/18: Levi and Liam:
illustrations of Reverse Cowboy

11/3/18: In costume for Halloween 2018:
#2 Flying Cowboy

11/3/18: News for penises: the Halloween gay porn report:
regular blog version of the previous

11/24/18: November facework:
Justin Matthews and Arad Winwin in Cocky Boys’ Break Him In 2: Reverse Cowboy, standing wall fuck

12/30/18 Offers: prone, supine, lateral:
sexual displays > offers

12/30/18: Sexual displays > offers: prone, supine, lateral:

2/8/19: Fucking cowboys, spitroasting, and Eiffel Towers
spitroasting, sit-fucks (Cowboy and Reverse Cowboy), Eiffel Towers

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:
standing blow job

5/16/19: Pooh’s honey pot:
standing doggy-fuck

6/24/19: On your knees for St. George Michael:
standing blowjob; kneeling for sex

12/21/19: Surprise! Vadim’s gay alphabet:
Vadim Temkin’s sexy gay alphabet images: flying cowboy

12/24/19: Hung with care:
Vadim’s flying cowboy on AZBlog

12/20/19: Three little digits:
66-style affectionate connection (hugging, spooning) and fucking as well; 666 sex, the fuck chain (or Lucky Pierre)

2/17/20: Hail to the chief:
acrobatic hanging 69 by Sebastian Kross and Rex Cameron

2/18/20: Saluting the presidents
description of the Kross + Cameron 69

8/11/20: Mansex positions: spitroasting:

9/3/20: Take me, please (supine version):
doggie, missionary, lateral positions

9/20/20: Skyy Knox:

9/21/20: A visit with Skyy Knox:
regular-blog version of the preceding

9/27/20: The No Tell Motel: