Tom the Dancing Bug cartoons

(by Ruben Bolling)

AZ, 7/24/04: The cows of language:

HH, 12/9/06: Linguistic cartoon update update:
at end, the text (but not the image) of a TDB cartoon

AZ, 1/7/07: Ultimate avoidance:

ML, 7/15/07: Better than lolcats:

ML, 12/23/07: Myth is truth (p < .05):

ML, 2/2/11: Whom lives:

AZBlog, 8/24/11: Think of the children:

BZ, 12/22/11: Transitive “disappear”? Not in this country!:

AZBlog, 7/17/12: Cooties:

ML, 1/3/13: The National Rhetoric Association:

AZBlog, 4/21/15: Political cartoons: #3

AZBlog, 9/27/15: The power of naming:

AZBlog, 4/19/18: Sein Dopelgänger:

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