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postings on AZBlog on dance (popular dances, folk dance, modern dance, ballet) and dancewear


6/26/10: Gay disco:
gay dance clubs

1/16/12: Disco Duck:
disco dancing

5/8/12: Swine Lake and Sendak:
play on the ballet name Swan Lake

3/22/13: Dance belts:
dance elts, ballet tights

3/24/13: The Trocks:
The drag ballet troupe

4/13/13: Four more obits:
obit for dancer Maria Tallchief

4/15/13: Synthetic compounds and back-formation: go-go truth-telling:
the back-formation go-go dance and its relatives

5/30/13: Portmanteau news:
prancercise, Jazzercise, and other portmanteaus

7/9/13: Sexual lexical semantics:
Jeppe Hancsen, dancer asked to leave Royal Winnipeg Ballet after doing porn

7/13/13: twerking:
the dance move twerking

8/28/13: Twerk time:
the dance move twerking and Miley Cyrus

9/4/13: One more twerk:
the dance move twerking

12/29/13: More art and porn:
male photographer Bertil Nilsson’s series with nude dancers performing in natural landscapes

12/16/14: Peter and the Wolf:
Isaac Mizrahi staging of the entertainment, with choreography by John Heginbotham

12/24/14: mirlitons:
“Dance of the Mirlitons” from the Nutcracker Suite

1/30/15: Doing the fandango, from Venango to Ilopango:
the dance the fandango

3/10/15: Dance time:
ad for a line of dancewear and dance shoes; ballet dancer Aaron Robison

3/23/15: More male dancers:
two photos of male ballet dancers; Matthew Bourne gay versions of dances

6/11/15: Alternative to the dance belt:
photo of male dancer with hands covering crotch

6/23/15: Morning name: La Bayadère:
the ballet (in two versions)

7/9/15: Twyla Tharp, truncation, and more:
on Tharp’s career in modern dance

7/22/15: Digitally disseminated folklore:
#2: male ballet dacer on a trapeze

7/26/15: Land of 1,000 Dances:
song recorded by Wilson Pickett

7/26/15: Shirtless shark-fighting teens:
Chippendales dancers

8/16/15: Dance and the male body:
assortment of photos of male ballet dancers, including artist David Kawena’s photos of dancer Joseph Simons

9/7/15: Roberto Bolle:
ballet dancer Bolle; photos of him by Bruce Weber

9/10/15: Let’s twist again:
the dance the Twist

9/20/15: Back to Bayadère:
clips of male dancers in the ballet La Bayadère

9/2815: Morning Name: Ritual Fire Dance:
music by Manuel De Falla

10/19/15: Rafe on display:
dance party (Bay of Pigs) at S.F.’s Dore Alley Fair

10/25/15: Sunday penis notes #1: the morning moose-knuckle:
photo of male ballet dancer doing morning stretches

11/3/15: Minstrelsy:
origin of tap dancing in minstrelsy

11/12/15: Dance: Friedemann Vogel:
ballet dancer Vogel, photographed by Youn Sik Kim

11/15/15: Les Danseurs:
photographer Matthew Brookes book about the male dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet

12/5/15: Tchaikovsky’s Polish Symphony:
George Balanchine’s ballet Jewels

1/6/16: The New Year’s resolution:
the bolero

1/10/16: Dance time:
4 male dancers in mid-air; male duo of Isaac Montllor and Jean Philippe Dry

2/2/16: Notes on male ballet dancers:
photo of three dancers at the barre; Joseph Gatti (with two compilations of him dancing); Gatti and Bradley Schlagheck; Jorge Barani

3/13/16: Two very different male body types:
ballet dancer Marcelo Gomes (and Denis Matvienko

6/11/16: More male dancers flying in mid-air:
Alvin Ailey company dancers

10/25/16: tail in the air:
various buttocks-out dances

11/3/16: Annals of musical instruments: improvised instruments:
performance group Stomp

12/16/16: More on the gay Santa watch:
Mobile AL group Prancing Elites

3/3/17: He’s dancing with a laser up his butt:
Young Boy Dancing Group

3/17/17: Ben Rudisin:
ballet dancer Rudisin

4/9/17: The trophy boys park the beef bus in tuches town:
Andrew Christian twerking video

7/3/17: Getting the comic:
dancing dips

7/28/17: Cover me, slowly:
“Macarena”; dance settings of “Despacito”

8/9/17: Further adventures in cartoon understanding:
#7, 8: disco dancing, Saturday Night Fever

8/10/17: All the /do/s:

10/2/17: Two musical flash mobs:
line dance for “Achy Breaky Heart”

12/17/17: Xmas follies 2017: the shirtless men of the season:
pole dancer Domenico Vaccaro; pole dancing as erotic performance, fitness activity, sport

2/26/18: Dancing with the cars:
Bolshoi Ballet; dancer Jacopo Rissi in Etudes

2/28/18: Ballet Down the Highway:
gay porn flick about (among other things) male ballet dancers

2/28/18: Nanette Fabray:
dancing in The Band Wagon

3/8/18: Michael Siemon:
Morris dance

3/11/18: Annals of sport/art:
pole dancer Peter Holoda, figure skater Adam Rippon

4/1/18: Easter Fool’s:
Yoav Bosidan

4/1/18: Dancer faces:
Alexander Fost, Ransom Wilkes-Davis, Emanuel Abruzzo

4/18/18: limbo dancers:
limbo dancing

3/17/19: V me, I’m Irish:
ballet Le baiser…

5/1/19: The May flower:
can-can dancer Jane Avril

5/19/19: Great twerks of the 19th century:

5/22/19: Tsviki from Belarus:
dance academy in Halloran Beach FL

5/24/19: The ballet of Mango Meshman:
invented ballet form Mango Ballet

7/1/19: O Canada baby, ripple my maple leaves!:
Chippendales dancers

11/27/19: Dancing against homophobia:
French dancer-acrobats Guillaume and Arthur on French tv

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