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8/24/12: The cocksucker’s gaze:

Brandon’s gaze is intently on us, flaunting his transgression and conveying his cock-hunger. The focus of the photo is of course on Lorenzo’s dick. The other major components of the picture are Lorenzo’s hand at the back of Brandon’s head and Brandon’s hand wrapped around Lorezo’s dick. A primal cocksucking scene.

11/5/12: Fuckin’ facework:

the images on my regular blog show two guys apparently in pleasant conversation with one another, exchanging companionable expressions. When we get the the rest of the picture, we see that they’re enjoying a buddy fuck
This pairing of expressions is unusual; most often, the fucker is a Man At Work, seriously intent on his job, and his partner is an Ecstatic Hole (with ecstasy bordering on agony).
Occasionally, you get two matched Men At Work, but not as impassive as the fuckers in the classic Man At Work Meets Ecstatic Hole
And every so often, you get a Double Ecstasy, ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod
… The very first image above (which I’m much taken with) is a still from the new Jocks flick More Than Ready. The ads for the flick, which came to me in the mail this afternoon, also illustrated a classic Cocksucker’s Eyes pose: eyes wide shut, mind focused on the feel, smell, and taste of dick. For a somewhat wider sampling of approaches to dick, by Brandon Jones and by an assortment of Lucas pornstars, see “The cocksucker’s gaze”.
… [on] the cocksucker’s gaze, this time in a montage from Lucas [with:]
Five takes: a variety of cock types; different gazes (one with eyes closed, three focused on the pitcher, one on us) and facial expressions; three with cock in lips (so viewers can appreciate it better), one with cock partially engorged, one licking his man’s balls; two cocksuckers with their man’s hand on their head; one (Adam Killian, who’s appeared on this blog before) with his hand wrapped around his man’s dick, one wielding a dildo in his man’s ass. Something for everyone.

5/4/13: What do I look like when I’m getting fucked?:

A few days ago, an e-mail ad for Raging Stallion’s porn flick Lowdown Dirty with quite a display of facial expressions from guys being fucked. A montage of expressions, some remarkable.
Now a rundown on the three segments. For the most part, I’ll refer to the roles in fucking as the fucker and the hole (to avoid confusion in the case of sit-fucks, where the sexual bottom is physically on top of his partner). And I’ll refer to two main presentations of self in the act of fucking: the Man At Work (focused seriously on the job at hand, whether that’s being fucked or fucking, with mouth closed or slightly open) and the Ecstatic (man abandoned to the experience, mouth gaping and face contorted, often to the point where intense pleasure and pain are hard to distinguish). (There’s a third presentation, the Loving Buddy, that I’ll get to in a while.)
Segment 1: Tommy Defendi (open-mouthed Man At Work) fucks (in a facing-out sit-fuck) Shawn Wolfe (open-mouthed Ecstatic); both with eyes closed.
Segment 2: Defendi fucks Wolfe some more, now in a missionary, face-to-face fuck (Wolfe is a wide-mouthed Ecstatic, looking remarkably astonished — “Omigod, is this happening to me?” — with eyes wide open); and Warrick Cade doggie-fucks James Ryder (a wide-mouthed Ecstatic, also looking astonished), both with eyes shut.
Segment 3: Four shots, two of Johnny Parker on Christopher Daniels (rimming him, then a sit-fuck, with Daniels as Ecstatic in both), two with Alexander Garrett and Dale Cooper flip-fucking (the fucker Man At Work, the hole an open-mouthed Ecstatic), first Garrett screwing Cooper, then the reverse.
… Over time, I’ve written often about facial expressions in fucking — most notably in “Fuckin’ facework” of 11/15/12, which illustrates three presentations: in #1, the wonderful mutual Loving Buddy of Connor Patricks (hole) paired with Danny Palick (fucker); in #3 Rod Daily’s Ecstatic hole being drilled by Man At Work Michael Lucas; and in #8, a pairing of Ecstatics, Marcus Mojo as the hole and Tommy Defendi — again, hey, he fucks a lot — as the fucker. The first of these from the Jocks flick More Than Ready.

7/6/13: At the X line with remarkably named pornstars:

In my e-mail yesterday, a stirring ad from Lucas Entertainment (Michael Lucas’s porn flick company, not George Lucas’s film company) for its film Lovers in Paradise, with a shot of Wagner Vittoria penetrating Tiziano Fuentes
… First, though, a description of the scene and some information about three remarkably named pornstars (these two and Vittoria’s pornstar boyfriend Diego Lauzen).
[#3 Wagner Vittoria on Tiziano Fuentes:] Clearly a fuck scene. On the facial expressions: Fuentes is displaying the open-mouthed grimace of the Ecstatic Hole, Vittoria the focused mien of the Man At Work (using my labels from AZBlogX discussions of facial expressions during gay sex).

4/12/13: Ducati and Ares:

[Trenton] Ducati’s presentation of himself while being fucked is interesting. He’s not doing the usual wincing, apparently agonized fuckhole presentation, playing on the convention that being fucked is a painful but pleasurable experience; the bottom in such cases is “taking it like a man”. Not a wince from Ducati. On the other hand, he doesn’t behave like a hungry bottom, anxious for the pleasure of a cock in his hole and ecstatic when he gets it. Instead, he’s workmanlike, much like your typical top fucking away. That is, this is something his character really likes and he’s going to work at it to make it good for himself and his partner.

7/8/13: How do I look?:

Over on AZBlogX, I’ve continued a series on facial expressions during gay sex with a report on some scenes from the porn flick Hole 1 (God knows how many gay porn flicks have hole in their titles). It starts with Trenton Ducati playing a businessman consumed by lust for fellatio with five – count them, five – erect penises, and goes on from there.

8/23/13: Given over to desire:

In writing about facial expressions during gay sex (especially, during man-on-man intercourse), I’ve remarked on an ecstatic expression often shown by one partner (usually, the bottom) or both of them. From a posting on “Captioned croppings”, this example of mutual ecstasy (mouths open, eyes narrowed or fully shut)
The expressions are an outward manifestation of an inner state of mind (and body), an intense giving over of one’s self to, or losing one’s conscious self in, the sexual experience – an ecstasy or rapture. Gay men sometimes speak of a bottom in this transcendant state as being in heat

11/27/16: Face work:

Over on AZBlogX, a sale ad suggesting that the Lucas porn studio could supply you with a high-protein dessert for Thanksgiving: a splash of semen on your face. Lick and savor.
… My interest in the AZBlogX piece is focused on the facial expressions of guys getting cum shot on their faces – intensely focused (as in #1 on AZBlogX), smiling with pleasure, ecstatic (as in #2 on AZBlogX, a bukkake scene, with several shooters on a single target), adoring, sated (as in #5 on AXBlogX, showing dick-sharing, two targets each getting their measure of pleasure from a single shooter), or calmly satisfied, as in this photo (#4 on AZBlogX)

1/24/17: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room:

Getting fucked, DV sometimes shifts into ecstatic mode (#5), sometimes into workman or craftsman mode (#6), but almost never even seems uncomfortable, certainly not working through pain to get the pleasure of being filled up with dick. Like I said, he’s an uberbottom. By my count, he gets fucked three times in the Bakersfield mens room flick, once by double penetration, which he somehow manages to make look easy.

2/14/17: Sex and smiles for VDay:

[2017 Lucas VD ad showing happy fellatio:] In the ad, both cocksman and cocksucker are smiling happily: hey, buddy, this is awesome!

11/25/17: Pillowtalk:

the X-rated stuff, about the experience of being fucked, as it is evidenced in facial expressions, pillow-biting, loud cries, and the like – in gay porn, where I have plenty of illustrations to hand, and also in real life, where I have only personal experience to report.
First, on facial expressions in sex. I’ve written a number of times on the subject, noting three characteristic expressions of men engaged in sex with one another: the Loving Buddy face, smiling and appreciative; the Man at Work [aka Workman or Craftsman] face, focused and intent; and the Ecstatic face, with muscles tensed, mouth wide open or clenched, and eyes shut or unfocused.
The open mouth of the Ecstatic can arise in several other ways: there’s the open mouth of surprise or astonishment, and also the open mouth of the Man in Pain. Without further evidence, it’s hard to tell one from another. What are we to make of still photographs like these three (of prone fucks, with the bottom face-down):
(#8) Loving Buddy top, bottom with spread lips and cleched teeth, on the pillow
(#9) Man at Work top, bottom biting the sheet
(#10) Man at Work top, open-mouthed bottom
The photos are all from gay porn, and all three depict fucks that are presented as deeply pleasurable to the bottoms. In the genre, bottoms come to these encounters eager to be fucked; or with some degree of reluctance, all the way up to solid resistance, which, however, dissolves into wild enthusiasm after they’ve been penetrated. Basically, you either know that you want it, or soon discover that you do. At the most, there’s some momentary discomfort until you open up to your fucker, and then you get all those good sensations and emotions. What might look like pain to an outside observer, you’re experiencing as an oceanic wave of intense pleasure.
That’s the on-screen fantasy version. But like other on-screen fantasies, it’s not unrelated to real life. I’ve been there, mostly on the bottom, and mostly as an Ecstatic.
Of course, in both on-screen and real life encounters, some guys are Loving Buddies, and a great many are Men at Work, that being pretty much the default (it’s a guy thing).

7/16/17: Captioned croppings:

On AZBlogX, I’ve done a series of postings on facial expressions during gay sex (recently, Wagner Vittoria on Tiziano Fuentes in Lovers in Paradise, illustrating a technically non-X photo whose sexual content is absolutely clear). One image I’m especially fond of: Tommy Defendi on Jimmy Fanz, both wonderfully ecstatic, in Hole 1

2/14/18: Lucas Valentines for 2018:
Diego Lauzen, Beau Reed, Wagner Vittoria in 3-ways; #4 Ecstatic guy getting fucked; #5 Craftsman fucker, Ecstatic hole

2/14/18: Days of sensual pleasure:
regular-blog version of the previous, with facial expressions in #8 and #9 Craftsman fucker

In the end, of course, every man reaches the point of no return and becomes, briefly, an Ecstatic: his pulse rushes, his breathing gets ragged, he moans, his mouth goes slack and gapes open, his eyes go unfocused and wild and roll up in his head.

10/1/18: Fall facework:
Luke Adams’s expression while being fucked (including furrowed / knitted brow) and while being flogged

10/1/18: Sexual faces:
AZBlog version of the preceding

10/4/18: Levi and Liam:
CockyBoys pornstars Levi Karter and Liam Riley, both given to Ecstatic; but Karter is also given to Good Buddy smiles

11/3/18: In costume for Halloween 2018:
#1 Craftsman face on one man, egocentric “look at me!” face on the other

11/3/18: News for penises: the Halloween gay porn report:
regular blog version of the previous

11/24/18: November facework:
Justin Matthews and Arad Winwin in Cocky Boys’ Break Him In 2 (Conversation; Craftsman + Ecstatic); Matthews displaying himself in 2011, 2014, 2018; Blissful face from a Swingin’ Balls ad; Cruise of Death face in Michael Lucas ad

☛ 2/15/19: Sweetly Blissful VDay Muscle Daddy:
Dirk Caber (and Daymin Voss, in New Rules) for Titan’s Valentine’s Day sale; smiling with the eyes (comparison to Titan’s New Year’s sale); Man at Work, Ecstatic, Good Buddy, Sweetly Blissful

2/15/19: From the files of facial expressions in gay porn:
regular-blog version of the previous

3/17/19: V me, I’m Irish:
Dakota Rivers (Workman) and Liam Knox (Happy Boxboy) in Dick Danger 2

4/14/19: The TaXXXman will come for you:
various pornstars in Taxxx and The Taxman Cumeth; dimensions of smiles; Duchenne smiles, smiling with the eyes

7/6/19: 4th of July displays:
Matthew Bosch getting fucked: smiling in one shot, ecstatic in another

2/16/20: News for big penises: well, it seemed like a good idea at the time:
ad for the studio Bareback Cum Pigs’s That Secret We Kept; facial expressions (furrowed brow; sweet smile of pleasure)

3/28/20: Reading faces:
inscrutability of facial expression: two exx. from gay porn

5/21/20: Cock run amok:
Falcon Studio’s Bro Buddies: two stills with multiple interpretations, one as horror or intense desire

5/21/20: Bro Buddies:
regular-blog version of the previous

5/29/20: Masturbation May finale: the naked brownies:
screen shots of come faces from Naked Baking

6/7/20: Pride faces:
Justin Matthews and Nic Sahara facial expressions

6/29/20: Spilled his seed on the ground:
Man at Work expression in masturbation

2/8/21: Putting the @*%&! into @*%&! VDay:
Good Buddies shading into Men at Work

2/12/21: Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2: the gay porn actors:
facial expressions of the men in #1, engaged in Pile Driver

2/19/21: Two pornstar smiles:
facial expressions of the two men in the p.r. shot for the Lucas video Brutalize Some Butt

5/24/21: The Ecstasy of Saint Atlas:
ecstatic faces in religious art as well as O-face / come face in sex, esp. in sex between men

5/28/21: Customer care and the holiday weekend:
come face; expressionlessness during sex

6/4/21: Fox and friends I:
slack-faced and tense-faced variants of Ecstatic; Good Buddy

AZBlogX 2/3/22: The pedicant’s smile:
two shots of men smiling while being fucked (riding Cowboy)

2/3/22: Happy catamites:
regular-blog version of the above

2/20/22: The locked gaze:
intense gaze during a Cowboy fuck

2/20/22: Men’s Briefs: the locked gaze:
regular-blog version of the above