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8/26/10: Lounges and motels:
AMZ, Tom Chandler, Ned Sublette

5/25/11: Double dactylic sniff:

10/23/11: Found poetry:
in the Atlantic

11/3/11: David Fenton:
my possum/raccoon song

11/17/11: Found poetry:
in NYT Book Review

11/18/11: More found poetry:
2 examples

12/5/11: Rudy the Christmas elf:

Rudy the Christmas Elf

12/25/11: Poet among the painters:

Poet among the painters

Frank O’Hara

1/20/12: Beatnik poetry, invented and found:

Beatnik poetry, invented and found

3/31/12: Adrienne Rich:

Adrienne Rich

4/8/12: Double dactyl for Easter:

Double dactyl for Easter

12/1/12: Poetic intersection:

Poetic intersection

food poetry

12/9/12: The underwear elves of 2012:

The underwear elves of 2012

12/10/12: Double dactyl in Dutch:

Double dactyl in Dutch

8/10/14: Yesterday’s anniversaries:

Yesterday’s anniversaries

Frank O’Hara

10/28/14: Drunk on words, and a lot of whiskey:

Drunk on words, and a lot of whiskey

Dylan Thomas

11/24/14: I hurt myself today:

I hurt myself today

Trent Reznor

12/12/14: Verbing awry:

Verbing awry

1991 poem “An ordinary man in an ordinary car”

12/21/14: Snowy lanes:

Snowy lanes

Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and a Zippy parody

1/15/15: Façade:


Edith Sitwell’s poetry

2/28/15: Poets in Their Youth:

Poets in Their Youth

Eileen Simpson’s 1982 book, on John Berryman and his circle of poet friends

3/24/15: Elise Partridge:

Elise Partridge

one Partridge poem; death notice for her

4/15/15: A personal poemorse:

A personal poemorse

a little poem in code

4/22/15: Poem for hot February day:

Poem for hot February day

with Daily Jocks photo

4/26/15: A playful poetic footnote:

A playful poetic footnote

the poetic form the clerihew

5/4/15: The names of birds:

The names of birds

a compressed double dactyl

6/28/15: Claude Funston thought …:

Claude Funston thought …

Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter” and a parody

7/25/15: Name rhymes:

Name rhymes

schemes that rhyme personal names with other words: Cab Calloway’s “Everybody Eats at My House”, Paul Simon’s “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover”

7/26/15: Land of 1,000 Dances:

Land of 1,000 Dances

Wilson Pickett’s “Land of 1,000 Dances” and its rhyme scheme

8/11/15: Found poetry:

Found poetry

in New Scientist

9/25/15: Boy in the sand:

Boy in the sand

AZ erotic poem “Boy in the sand”

10/17/15: That’s a moray:

That’s a moray

poetic form of “That’s Amore” and “That’s a Moray”

10/18/15: Morning: monotreme, marsupial:

Morning: monotreme, marsupial

trochaic tetrameter; SW.SW.SW.S lines; poetic form of “Hush Little Baby”

10/29/15: To the liquor of your laughter / And the lacquer of your limbs:

To the liquor of your laughter / And the lacquer of your limbs

Spectra poetry

11/1/15: Follow-up: Heino:

Follow-up: Heino

the nursery rhyme “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain”; its German “translation” “Zu der Ponderosa reiten wir”

11/17/15: Alaskan-cod-pieces:


the poetic form the TankaWanka

11/30/15: Rhyme or reason:

Rhyme or reason

the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” and its poetic form

12/31/15: The Crew with packages and boxes:

The Crew with packages and boxes

prose poem, lyrical prose, long-line free verse

1/14/16: Pittman, Dickinson, and Goya:

Pittman, Dickinson, and Goya

Emily Dickinson’s “After great pain, a formal feeling comes”

2/23/16: Who is Silvia?:

Who is Silvia?

lyrics of the song “Who is Silvia?” from The Two Gentlement of Verona; its poetic form

3/14/16: Unnerving Chicano art: Vincent Valdez:

Unnerving Chicano art: Vincent Valdez

music/poetry fusion of Gil Scott-Heron

3/!8/16: Morning name: Roll Over, Beethoven:

Morning name: Roll Over, Beethoven

inconclusive remarks on the form of this Chuck Berry song

5/26/16: Thurber the illustrator:

Thurber the illustrator

Thurber illustrations for Housman’s “Oh, when I was in love with you”

6/2/16: Morning news: death of radio star:

Morning news: death of radio star

poetic form of “Video Killed the Radion Star”

8/25/16: Good poetic lines:

Good poetic lines

poetic lines in John Ashbery and Delmore Schwartz

8/29/16: Osmunda, Königin des Waldes:

Osmunda, Königin des Waldes


9/5/16: Spontaneous poetry:

Spontaneous poetry

1955 poem by Frank O’Hara

9/7/16: How sweet the daphne smells:

How sweet the daphne smells

Waggerl’s poem “Seiderbast”

9/9/16: Julian and Sandy:

Julian and Sandy


9/22/16: Bare bear poets ion their youth:

Bare bear poets in their youth

poetry of Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky

10/2/16: The old oaken desk:

The old oaken desk

poem “The Old Oaken Bucket”

10/16/16: Huzzah!:


Dylan’s poetry; “Like a Rolling Stone”

10/30/16: Don’t get me wrong, the sex is great:

Don’t get me wrong, the sex is great

long AZ poem

10/31/16: Annals of verbing (and poetic form):

Annals of verbing (and poetic meter)

iambic pentameter in a line from a gay porn story

11/2/16: Giantess Jackie:

Giantess Jackie

Baudelaire’s “The Giantess”

11/2/16: Prose poem:

Prose poem

2 prose poems by Charles Rafferty; on prose poetry and related notions

11/7/16: November 7th, in the liminal zone:

November 7th, in the liminal zone

Longfellow’s “The Children’s Hour”

11/14/16: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy:

Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy

dactylic and anapestic tetrameter

11/17/16: Magnificat:


end-accented tetrameter in a burlesque version of the Magnificat

11/27/16:Face work:

Face work

AZ playful poem “Lonely Man Shots”

12/31/16: Surrealists, but especially Jess:

Surrealists, but especially Jess

poet Robert Duncan

1/2/17: Two poems:

Two poems

James Galvin poem; piece of found poetry; Jimi Hendrix, T.S. Eliot

2/8/17: On the road from Frog Rock:

On the road from Frog Rock

Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

2/21/17: Briefly: today’s metrical pleasure:

Briefly: today’s metrical pleasure

double dactylic line

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:

Quick, Bruce, the blat!

two bits of AZ free verse

4/24/17: Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?:

Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?

AZ parody of Isaac Watts / Lewis Carroll poetry

5/2/17: To be Young, Gay, and Chinese-American:

To Be Young, Gay, and Chinese-American

poet Chen Chen

5/17/17: Larkin and the Gray Lady, again:

Larkin and the Gray Lady, again

Larkin’s “This Be the Verse”

5/18/17: Complementary ignorances:

Complementary ignorances

Anne Clark vocal version of Larkin’s “This Be the Verse”

6/13/17: Poems about sluts:

Poems About Sluts

Tennessee Williams poem, AMZ poem

7/4/17: Fay Zwicky:

Fay Zwicky

Australian poet FZ and her poem in memory of Primo Levi

7/5/17: More news not for penises:

More news not for penises

short AZ poem “Spurring him on”

7/26/17: I sing the body elastic:

I sing the body elastic

elaborate half rhymes in Mikey Bustos’s “I Wear Speedos”

7/26/17: Electric charges:

Electric charges

Whitman’s “I Sing the Body Electric” from Leaves of Grass

8/2/17: Three names:

Three names

Lord Byron’s The Prisoner of Chillon

9/20/17: Rewind the music, cover your bones with rainbow:

Rewind the music, cover your bones with rainbow

“Remaking the Music Box” by Geoffrey Hilsabec; “Funeral Blues” by W.H. Auden; King Lear

10/25/17: Eggcornic verse:

Eggcornic verse

Twitter poet Brian Bilston and a poem on eggcorns; Calvin Trillin, Deadline Poet (a book of news-related doggerel)

11/12/17: Food rebellion:

Food rebellion

A.A. Milne, “Rice Pudding” from When We Were Very Young

12/18/17: The news for mammoths: toy stories:

The news for mammoths: toy stories

portion of an AZ Sundance and Butch poem

12/27/17: Morning tetrameter naming:

Morning tetrameter naming

trochaic tetrameter; Pindar

1/6/18: But that’s not you nor I:

But that’s not I nor you

19th-century didactic verse for children

1/6/18: This week’s terrible literary food pun:

This week’s terrible literary food pun

poets Derek Walcott, Charles Bukowski

2/11/18: Briefly: edible trochaic tetrameter:

Briefly: edible trochaic tetrameter

3/15/18: I wandered lonely as a pink cloud:

I wandered lonely as a pork cloud

Wordsworth’s “I wandered lonely as a cloud”

3/21/18: nameless sodomites:

nameless sodomites

AZ poem “Judgment Day”

3/25/18: Haiku Robot:

Haiku Robot

the haiku form

3/29/18: Bits of culture:

Bits of culture

Morgan Parker’s poetry

3/31/18: Easter Anthem: the text:

Easter Anthem: the text

Edward Young’s long poem Night-Thoughts

4/25/18: polydactyly:


the Double Dactyl poetic form

4/29/18: acuminate:


Blumentod by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

4/30/18: Antimetricality:


Stanford paper on poetics

4/30/18: Meadowland fauna!:

Meadowland fauna!

Double Dactyl on Bluebonnet Jackrabbit

5/1/18: Song for the day: rabbit rabbit rabbit:

Song for the day: rabbit rabbit rabbit

4 lines of trochaic tetrameter, in two tempi

5/4/18: Then, if ever, come lusty days:

Then, if ever, come lusty days

Dekker’s “The Merry Month of May”; Lowell’s “The Vision of Sir Launfal”

5/8/18: Spoiling:


Aimee Nezhukumatathil poem

6/1/18: Typewriter poets:

Typewriter poets

Zippy with Dingburger Beatnik typewiter poets

6/3/18: Metered verse:

Metered verse

6/27/18: Swiss spin-off: Wallisellen:

Swiss spin-off: Wallisellen

counting-out nonsense rhyme Aazelle, Bölle schelle and analysis of its form

7/31/18: BILLY COLLINS Billy Collins:


Billy Collins the poet and three of his poems

8/11/18: P-alliterative and tetrametric lines:

P-alliterative and tetrametric lines

alliteration and front-accented (esp. trochaic) tetrameter

8/17/18: The crystal ball of cartoon understanding:

The crystal ball of cartoon understanding

4×4 rhyme for Carnation milk

8/26/18: The penis art of Dave the Robot:

The penis art of David the Robot


8/30/18: Mandarin orange at the Malamute Saloon:

Mandarin orange at the Malamute Saloon

ballads of Robert W. Service; C.M.-like meter/rhyme scheme

9/17/18: Proustian paradise poems:

Proustian paradise poems

on a line from Proust: an Adam Giannelli villanelle, an AMZ occasional poem in free verse; on the villanelle as a poetic form

9/30/18: AZ on imperfect rhyme:

AZ on imperfect rhyme

5 papers of mine on half-rhyme and phonological similarity, especially in folk poetry of various kinds

10/1/18: Imperfect rhyme, part 2:

Imperfect rhyme, part 2

inventory of postings discussing half-rhymes

10/6/18: Imperfect rhyme, part 3:

Imperfect rhyme, part 3

inventory of publications citing AZ on half-rhymes

10/15/18: Fables of the trees:

Fables of the trees

poetic form of Rush lyrics for “The Trees”

10/26/18: At duty on the moors:

At duty on the moors

AZ poem as caption; Rupert Brooke poem

11/19/18: Revisiting 22: now berries and cherries:

Revisiting 22: now with berries and cherries

Lewis Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark”

12/2/18: A morning in the Blue Period:

A morning in the Blue Period

the amphibrach; double-amphibrach nonsense verse

12/7/18: O rosemary, my rosemary:

O rosemary, my rosemary


1/19/19: The poetry corner:

The poetry corner

2 short AZ poems taking off on images from Facebook

1/29/19: A camelid from darkest Peru:

A camelid from darkest Peru

Ogden Nash light verse

2/13/19: Captain of our fairy band:

Captain of our fairy band

catalectic trochaic tetrameter, from me and from Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream

2/14/19: Revisiting 25: Alligator Goodbyes, now in song:

Revisiting 25: Alligator Goodbyes, now in song

one-line rhyme forms: Alligator Goodbyes, Everybody Eats, Fifty Ways

2/20/19: News for penises: notes on phallophilia:

News for penises: notes on phallophilia

the phrase purple pouch thong, worked into a burlesque

4/13/19: Easter egg quotations:

Easter egg quotations

Gertrude Stein

4/21/19: Let’s have a kiki … in me:

Let’s have a kiki … in me


4/24/19: A Ceci disavowal:

A Ceci disavowal

Ceci poem “Babylon the Great” (and other poems); enjambment

4/28/19: All ˈlaundry ˈis a ˈblur of ˈstatic ˈcling:

All ˈlaundry ˈis a ˈblur of ˈstatic ˈcling

iambic pentameter

5/3/19: The hand that cradles the tree:

The hand that cradles the tree

nonsense verse; German translation “Der Jammerwoch” of “Jabberwocky”

5/29/19: On the dog food watch:

On the dog food watch

dactylic tetrameter; poetic meters, syllable counts; art poetry and folk poetry

6/6/19: On the art patrol: Alice Neel, Larry Rivers:
poet Frank O’Hara

6/6/19: What makes the world go ’round?:

What makes the world go round?

poet Frank O’Hara; two of his poems

6/18/19: Portraits of Frank O’Hara:

Portraits of Frank O’Hara

more Frank O’Hara poetry

6/22/19: You shouldn’t do that:

You shouldn’t have done that

iambic trimeter line chide … deride … upbraid

7/4/19: Am I a bird?:

Am I a bird?

AMZ Sundance poetry

7/6/19: 4th of July displays:

4th of July displays

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Concord Hymn”

8/15/19: Blue and black at the Gamble Gardem:

Blue and black at the Gamble Garden

James Whitcomb Riley’s “Barefoot Boy”

10/11/19: The existential question:

The existential question

Emily Dickinson “I’m Nobody”

10/19/19: Another Griffithian mantra:

Another Griffithian mantra

trochaic tetrameter lines

12/15/19: The images quilt:

The images quilt

Mark Strand, “Eating Poetry”

1/16/20: At the rim of the Mournful Valley, singing:

At the rim of the Mournful Valley, singing

Christina Rossetti poems

1/19/20: Rent Spikes / Stoke Dread / By the Sea:

Rent Spikes / Stoke Dread / By the Sea

found poetry

1/22/20: Three little digits:

Three little digits

humorous verse of Ogden Nash

2/1/20: Revisiting 42: stalked by a giant anthropomorphic squirrel:

Revisiting 42: stalked by a giant anthropomorphic squirrel

found poetry (in comment)

2/2/02: Another Super Bowl Sunday:

Another Super Bowl Sunday

found poetry (in ad copy)

2/10/20: Basil Ratburn:

Basil Ratburn

Scots poet Robert Burns

2/20/20: love nest:

love nest

re-posting of 8/26/10 AZBlogX piece with three poems

2/21/20: Magical Mystery Crotch Rocketman:

Magical Mystery Crotch Rocketman

AZ poem “The Unmanning”

2/24/20: Eel-eater and his kind:

Eel-eater and his kind

AZ poem “Eel-eater and his kind”

3/2/20: In the political news: catalectic trochaic tetrameter:

In the political news: catalectic trochaic tetrameter

CTT examples

3/18/20: Jazzing goes to college:

Jazzing Goes to College

scansion of a line in a gay porn ad

4/4/20: Clouds of glory:

Clouds of glory

Wordsworth, “Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood”

4/10/20: Martin Van Buren, feeding nachos to a hyperactive squirrel:

Martin Van Buren, feeding nachos to a hyperactive squirrel

“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat” from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

5/18/20: The things they touched:

The things they touched

Conrad Aiken’s “Music I Heard”

5/22/20: The Age of Anxiety:

The Age of Anxiety

the Auden poem

5/31/20: The death of images:

The death of images

Frank O’Hara’s “Lana Turner has collapsed!”; my poem “The images have died!”; take-off on “For All the Saints”

6/1/20: Aradesque?:


Frank O’Hara’s “Une Journée de Juillet”

6/4/20: I see London, I see France, I see Batman’s underpants:
trochaic tetrameter in the chant

7/7/20: Navy flamingos and roseate spoonbills:
dactylic tetrameter

7/12/20: Hot wings on a paper plate:
Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees”; iambic and trochaic tetrameter

9/15/20: Cocktail music:
Longfellow’s “The Children’s Hour”

10/14/20: More onomatomania:
a danceable tetrameter line

1/27/21: Fleurs des males:
Baudelaire’s Les fleurs du mal

2/24/21: The bristly brute:
the light verse form the clerihew; and a clerihew of mine

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