Batman postings

5/6/12: A batmanteau:

8/4/12: Batmaaaan!:
Batman t-shirt, theme song

8/8/12: More vintage comics:
Superman, Robin, and Batman astride naval guns

4/10/13: Obits:
obit for man who revived Batman comics

4/20/13: Indirect pun:
Bizarro cartoon with Robin

8/8/13: Another batmanteau:

8/9/13: bat-, -mobile, and –man:

10/11/13: Model cats:
#5 shirtless model doing Batman

1/31/14: Superhero dining:
Bizarro cartoon with Batman and Robin

2/25/14: Party on, Darth:
cartoon with Bruce Wayne and Darth Vader

4/18/14: Three for today:
#2 Bizarro “American Gotham”

8/28/14: While Robin’s off duty …:
Bizarro Batman cartoon

8/29/14: Bizarro followup:

8/30/14: More Bizarro followup:

9/19/14: Two from the Advocate:
lesbian of color in Gotham

10/6/14: More television hunks: NCIS Los Angeles:
Chris O’Donnell in Batman movies

10/4/15: (the) Batman:

10/17/15: Comic superheroes of the Wild West:
#1 Bizarro with Batman

12/13/15: The secret life of superheroes:
#3 Batman parody

1/9/16: Iron Man, Captain America, and antique slang:
#3 the Joker

1/21/16: Tim Lockley and Ods Bodkins:
Ods Bodkins cartoon showing Batman; the Batman cartoon meme

2/20/16: Out-of-context comic panels:
panel showing Batman and Robin

2/22/16: Batzarro:
Batman’s evil counterpart

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:
gay Batman stuff

6/25/17: Superhero sex on Spanish streets:
#1 and #2: Batman in slash sex by street artist Ze Carrión

6/27/17: Rainbow Batman:
in the comics, in animated tv, in logos, as a costume, in action figures

6/28/17: The Ballad of Clark and Bruce: SuperBat of Pink Steel Forever:
pairings of Batman and Superman

7/23/17: Codpieces on Cellblock 13:
the movie Batman & Robin

11/7/17: The wonderful world of Batsportation:
Bizarro cartoon with the Bathorse; other forms of Batsportation

3/4/18: Two memic cartoons:
background on Batman; cartoon in #2

5/27/18: Non sequiturs meet associative thinking:
#4 recaptioned Batman panel

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