Stumbled upon this while looking for more examples of Bizarro cartoons with Batman in them:

That’s a thoroughly perverse counterpart of Batman, an anti-Batman, so to speak: a parallel to the character Bizarro, who’s the anti-Superman.

(Yes, Batzarro is a portmanteau of Batman and Bizarro. Just as Batzarro the character combines characteristics of Batman with the evil of Bizarro.)

From Wikipedia

Batzarro (Wayne Bruce) is a supervillain in the DC Comics Universe. He is a twisted doppelgänger of Batman, in the same vein as Bizarro, the similar doppelgänger to Superman. While a Bizarro version of Batman had first appeared in pre-Crisis continuity in World’s Finest Comics #156 (March 1966), his first appearance in post-Crisis continuity occurred in Superman/Batman #20 (June 2005), which was written by Jeph Loeb.

His origin is unknown, but his speech patterns are almost identical to those of Bizarro [e.g., we am = we are + I am]. Just as Bizarro has a reversed “S” on his chest, Batzarro has Batman’s bat-logo on his chest, but it is upside-down. He also wears a utility belt like Batman’s. However, he wears it upside-down as well with the pockets open. He calls himself the “World’s Worst Detective.” He uses a large steel chain as a weapon and as a grappling hook, but no other items. He seems to lack eyes [that is, he’s blind as a bat] and has yellow fangs. He was also said to have, opposed to Batman’s origin, shot and killed his parents. Batzarro has a tendency to think aloud, often repeating what has just been stated in his thought boxes, the opposite of Batman’s custom of quiet contemplation.


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