The secret life of superheroes

Passed on by several Facebook friends, a superhero parody by Kerry Callen, with Wonder Woman dealing with the jiggle problem:


Not a problem Superman has.

Callen draws a cartoon of his own, Halo and Sprocket, but his specialty is parodies of the comics, especially superhero comics. Here’s Superman caught in an embarrassing moment:


Another costume ripped to shreds by S-Man’s super-powers.

(Aware that his readers include a number of children, Superman exclaims Crap!, though his preference is for Shit! But not in front of the kiddies.)


Of course, you’ll wear that again, Batman. For the Pride Parade, and the celebrations at the End-Up afterwards. Your tights are always a big hit there.

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  1. Brian M Says:

    There was an actual story featuring that rainbow costume. You can see it here:’re-strange-one-of-batmans-most-convoluted-plans-to-protect-his-secret-id-ever/

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