(Very little linguistic content. And some blunt descriptions of man-man sex.)

Over on AZBlogX, a piece on gay pornstars Sean Duran and Nick Cross, who are boyfriends. The piece starts with an ad for a holiday sale at Channel 1 Releasing, an image of Duran brandishing his big, thick dick. A cropped version:


Then we get a shot of Duran (left) and Cross (right) together in the flick Boyfriends 2. Again, a cropped version:


You can’t tell this from the photo, but Cross is shorter than Duran, more compact than Duran (who is notably muscular), less aggressive than Duran, with a smaller penis, and (though sexually versatile, as is Duran) inclined to take the bottom role in his porn flicks. Their real-life relationship codes as dominant Duran (t) with subordinate Cross (b).

Now I’ve found a Duran-Cross pairing on Pornhub: The Triathlete (which seems to be from 2014, from; 22:56). You can view it via this link, but remember that this is solidly XXX gay porn, so don’t go there if you’re not prepared to deal with such content. (The video is well produced. Not at all inventive: Cross sucks Duran, then vice versa; Duran rims Cross to get him ready for fucking; Duran fucks Cross in three different positions; Cross jacks himself off until he comes, with Duran in his ass; Duran pulls out and comes by his hand on Cross’s ass; they kiss. Nothing much verbally: moaning and panting, and occasional moans of “fuuuck”. Still, the men are deeply, deeply engaged with one another.)

From their exchanges of talk before they go into action, I learned that Cross is definitely Hispanic.  (It occurs to me that his family name IRL is probably Cruz.) Also that Duran is significantly butcher than Cross — another b point for Cross. Entertainingly, when they get their clothes off, they get down to nothing but socks: cute brightly colored patterned socks for Cross, black socks for Duran (more b/t split).

The couple have made a number of flicks and videos together. As far as I can tell, Duran fucks Cross in every one of them, and never the reverse. So not just b/t, but actually bottom/top.

Cross had an earlier career in porn in which he presented as a cute slender kid. He dropped out for a while and bulked up, turning himself into the compact hunk we see above and on AZBlogX.

Now a brief digression on the term boyfriend here. We have long passed the point where boyfriend refers to a boy (and girlfriend to a girl). From NOAD2, which doesn’t distinguish same-sex and other-sex relationships, nor does it mention age:

boyfriend: a regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship

girlfriend: a regular female companion with whom a person has a romantic or sexual relationship

Someone in their 80s can then have a boyfriend or girlfriend of similar age.

(NOAD2 also has the sense ‘a woman’s female friend’ for girlfriend — counterpart to a relationship between males covered by buddy or another informal word, depending on dialect, but not by boyfriend.)

Duran and Cross have a relationship that is both romantic and sexual, so they’re certainly boyfriends.

The AZBlogX posting covers gay porn movies and videos from C1R, Lucas, Dominic Ford, Naked Sword, and Falcon, with either Duran or Cross or both in them; and with four other men as partners.

Then I came across a site with a 2/21/14 piece (by J.W. Waxner-Herman) jauntily entitled “Hear real-life boyfriends Sean Duran and Nick Cross talk about their crazy love for each other. Then they fuck.” (Well, it was originally in ALL CAPS, but I’ve toned it down.) Edited down a bit:

For those of you interested in things like actual human emotions, we bring you this really, really intimate look at porn star boyfriends Sean Duran and Nick Cross’s relationship via the second installment of NakedSword’s successful Boyfriends series.

… we get to see [the tattooed duo] at home, first with some extremely honest, even teary eyed interviews with each of them separately talking about how much they love each other, but also about how their relationship is not without its problems. And dramas… [Cross sounds like something of a drama queen — another b point for him]

And the sex is, as you might expect, really connected and hot. And intimate. This is real love, folks. Drink it in.

There’s a whole pile of stills of the men on the site, separately and engaged in various sex acts together. I was expecting a link to the interview, but it turns out that this piece, framed as a blog entry, is really a teaser ad for the Naked Sword flick Boyfriends 2; the movie seems to be organized as the interview leading into the sex scenes (which, from a trailer, does look hot, if that’s the sort of thing you like).




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