Sex between straight men: bro-jobs

Discovered while loooking for something else, a piece of brocabulary (involving portmanteaus or puns on the informal noun bro, roughly ‘buddy’ when first taken in from black street speech and then extended to a man of a certain type and then to any man) that I hadn’t encountered before: bro-job (or brojob or bro job), to refer to fellatio involving two men who identify as straight. A play on blow job. And it takes us, once again, into the world of sex between men who identify as straight.

On the sexual practices, check out my my 8/12/15 posting on “Tearooms and their features”, where I cited Jane Ward’s recent book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, which focused on motivations (including boosting a man’s identity as a straight white man) for sexual acts between men who identify as straight, in college fraternities, military units, prisons, sports teams, online personals ads from men seeking other men to masturbate with, and, yes, in tearooms / t-rooms (men’s rooms where men have sex, of various sorts, in public).

Then there’s the great avalanche of brocabulary, which I’ve posted on repeatedly, starting with a 12/27/08 posting on “Manecdotes and brobituaries”); there is a huge literature on these lexical innovations, much of it cited in my postings.

(A fairly recent and entertaining addition to the brocabulary came on the Jezebel site, in a 7/7/13 posting by Katie J.M. Baker, reporting that “Earlier this year, Choice USA launched a “Bro-Choice” campaign to encourage men to speak out against reproductive injustice”. Yes, pro-choice bros.)

The coinage bro-job has bro as its first element, the second element is the job ‘sexual act’ of the snowclonelet composite X job; see my 9/28/13 posting on this snowclonelet.

In any case, bro-job is solidly sexual, and it excludes blow jobs involving two gay men, even if they’re buddies.

In another development, the noun bromance (with the related adjective bromantic) has been verbed, and the new verb to bromance has been sexualized, so that we see the solidly sexual verb in Bromancing the Bone, reported on in a 3/18/15 posting on this blog, where I wrote:

The various “bromancing the bone” sites are all over the map. Some are about batebuds, buddies in masturbation — either jacking off together or jacking each other off. Some are about buddies in fellatio. Some are about buddies in anal intercourse

One site with the name Bromancing the Bone is in fact a Tumblr site for brolovers, about physical affection between men: kissing, cuddling, spooning, embracing, holding hands (and up to actual sex, though that’s not explicitly depicted on Tumblr). (My “bromancing the bone” posting had one sweet and sexy image of brolovers.)

The brolovers site seems to be open as to the sexual orientation of the men involved. It has a set of 9 shots of a couple I read as clearly gay; I think of them as the Abs Bros, because they are physically very similar to one another (Like With Like) and are clearly fanatics about developing their abs. Here’s a selfie of the Abs Bros in which they are mirroring each other (also displaying an armpit each):


In other shots they are posing with their cat (two men sharing a cat: how gay is that?), in bed together, etc.

Two other brolover couples: One naked in bed, tangled up with one another and kissing:


And one on the grass, with a football to suggest athleticism, with one guy (his pants pulled way down, exposing his ass but also freeing his cock for action) holding the other down by the wrists and kissing him:


So they’re framed as hunky lovers, top guy about to screw bottom guy.

All three of these couples read as gay, but some of the other photos are less determinate. No matter: I am moved by physical expressions of affection between men, so pretty much all the photos please me. (The photos are submitted by their subjects, and some are pretty amateurish, while others are more carefully posed.)

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