The strap snap

(Men’s bodies and practices involving them.)

The latest Daily Jocks ad is an offer of Mystery Underwear, with the model apparently about to snap the strap of his jock:

But he might be doing a cock-tease display, suggesting that he might use the strap to pull his jockstrap down — a jockstrap counterpart to pulling underwear down on one side. Or he might be about to snap the strap as a way of calling attention to the package at the center of his jockstrap.

In any case: the ad copy:

One of our Most Popular Shopping Events has started! We’re offering the first 100 people the opportunity to purchase Mystery Underwear for $14.95.

Snap up those cut-price skivvies!

Earlier on this blog, in a  December 2nd posting on Jack Adams underwear, #1 has a model lowering underwear on one side (via fingers hooked in the waistband) as a tease, and #6 has the model Dylan Austin Scott offering a counterpart play with one strap of his jock.

Out in the real world, strap snapping is a not uncommon bit of locker room horseplay by teammates, with one guy snapping one strap of another guy’s jock; it stings, but only mildly. Then there is towel-snapping in the showers, and more advanced body play, like fingering a teammate’s asshole.

The guys involved in this horseplay are usually straight; gay guys tend to do their best not to put themselves into potentially arousing situations like the ones I’ve just described. (I’ve seen strap snapping and towel-snapping at first hand, but not asshole-fingering, though there are plenty of accounts of locker room play in which fingering plays a part.) The emotional resonances of this apparently aggressive play are complex: part jockeying for dominance, part male bonding in which the targets are accorded membership in a tight group and show that they can good-heartedly “take it like a man”. The play is ritualized and almost never dissolves into actual aggression.

(It clearly takes experience and work for a straight boy to successfully negotiate this world. See Michael Kimmel’s 2009 book Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men.)

But underwear ads live in a homoerotic fantasy world of their own. The guy in the Daily Jocks ad seems to be presenting himself as a (gay) muscle twink. The most common presentation in premium underwear ads is as an intense and dominant street hustler, but there’s also a more neutral (sometimes even smiling) presentation as a buddy: Dylan Austin Scott with strap in hand in the Jack Adams posting.

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