Out-of-context comic panels

Yesterday, two items from the Homo History site, the second (#4 there) a panel from an old cartoon (“MAN, DICK IS GOOD.”), which was not only unsourced but also without context. Another example from the same place:

This time we can imagine what the context is, at least roughly: Batman and the Boy Wonder have have just finished a physically taxing mission (which did not involve the Caped Crusader screwing Robin, as this panel might suggest). Still, I thought it would be nice to see how this panel fits into the story, so I ran the image past Google Images — and got tons of hits, all from sites enjoying it as an out-of-context comic panel; these people don’t want the context. In fact, there are collections of out-of-context comic panels on the net, most apparently inspired by one Mitch McConnell, and this drawing is a great favorite. So I never did get the background story.

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