Course descriptions

Sophomore Seminar: Split Infinitives, Prepositions at End, and Other Horrors (SP 2005).

Seminar in Morphosyntax: A Cabinet of Curiosities (AU 2005).

Senior Seminar: Innovations: Variation and Change (WI 2007).

Sophomore Seminar: What is the Opposite of Masculine? Gay men and masculinity (SP 2007).

Linguistic Institute: Choosing a Variant: Unfree Variation (SU 2007).

Seminar in Phonology: The Phonology of Syntax (AU 2007).

Undergraduate Introduction: Morphology (WI 2008).

Sophomore Seminar: Slips of the Tongue (SP 2008).

Freshman Seminar: The Language of Comics (WI 2014)

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