Rainbow flag (other)

Rainbow bull

Rainbow bull

rainbow bull sign

NY logos

NY logos

rainbow version of Glaser logo

Cultural celebrations

Cultural celebrations

rainbow items at Pride time

Rainbow commas

Rainbow commas

More gay flag

More gay flag

New Yorker cover with rainbow White House

Flying the flag

Flying the flag

flying the rainbow flag

After the election

After the election

Howard Roffman photo amended with gay flag stickers

White house holiday

White House holiday

rainbow Xmas tree in the White House

For June 26th

For June 26th

rainbow San Francisco City Hall

Rainbow Gromit

Rainbow Gromit

rainbow Gromit sculpture

Rainbow Empire Building

Rainbow Empire Building

Empire State Building; dogs, kangaroo, moose

On the unicorn watch

On the unicorn watch

rainbows and unicorns, rainbows and butterflies

Rainbow Xmas

Rainbow Xmas

Xmas tree

Do I Sound Gay? The poster

Do I Sound Gay? The poster

rainbow tongue

Wrapped for June:

Wrapped for June

pornstars wrapped in the rainbow flag

Gay Pride:

Gay Pride

rainbow pride of lions

10/5/15: headband:


rainbow sweatbands, tube socks

11/8/15: ExtenZe:


rainbow willy warmer

11/20/15: Rainbow bedding:

Rainbow bedding

1/2/16: The news for urinals:

The news for urinals

#1: rainbow men’s room

5/13/16: Two extravagant mani-corns:

Two extravagant mani-corns

#2 mani-corn in rainbow garb

5/17/16: Running towards Pride Month:

Running towards Pride Month

Converse sneakers in rainbow

6/12/16: Rainbows and b8r bait:

Rainbows and b8r bait

rainbow/American flag, rainbow penis

6/17/16: Pleasures of patriotic penetration:

Pleasures of patriotic penetration

rainbow dildos #6 – #9, rainbow dildo covers in #10

7/17/16: A remarkable website:

A remarkable website

rainbow logo for Fucking Young!

8/13/16: Rainbow toys:

Rainbow toys

nine rainbow toys

9/1/16: Penguin Pride;

Penguin Pride

penguin with a Pride flag

9/5/16: Rainbow ads:

Rainbow ads

3 travel ads with rainbow colors

11/12/16: Something I missed on NCOD:

Something I missed on NCOD

six-hue spectrum in Apple logo; rainbow flag used in pro-Trump posters; rainbow Z mousepad

1/11/17: Characters:


Afro Ken

2/13/17: VDay kiss-in:

VDay kiss-in

meaning of flagging rainbow?

5/11/17: Homophilatelic days:

Homophilatelic days

Canadian rainbow flag stamp honoring same-sex marriage

6/2/17: Pride Time #2: the rainbow flag doodle:

Pride Time #2: the rainbow flag doodle

Goodle Doodle honoring Gilbert Baker; men from 2016 SF Pride Parade in the colors of the flag

6/19/17: The thumbnail image, rainbows, and Pride:

The thumbnail image, rainbows, and Pride

#4 rainbow art

6/22/17: Rainbow TARDISwear:

Rainbow TARDISwear

BBC America clothing (hoodie, baseball shirt) with rainbow TARDIS

6/22/17: You can get anything in rainbow:

You can get anything in rainbow

official MLB caps and shirts with Pride logos for the teams

6/23/17: Everything’s coming up rainbow:

Everything’s coming up rainbow

Pride colors on London transit

6/23/17: Pride transit and flashy Pride boots:

Pride transit and flashy Pride boots

Pride colors on the Dublin Bus and on Chicago Transit Authority trains, and in unisex boots

6/17/17: Rainbow Batman:

Rainbow Batman

in comics, costumes, tv shows, logos, action figures

7/30/17: The queer quilt:

The queer quilt

rainbow swirl fabric; rainbow colors in the quilt; on t-shirts

8/18/17: Make America grate again:

Make America grate again

#5 the slogan on a rainbow Pride flag

8/29/17: A tartan for my ilk:

A tartan for my ilk

Pride of LGBT tartan, akin to the Pride flag

9/9/17: Runner ducks, runner beans, rubber ducks:

Runner ducks, runner beans, rubber ducks

#4 rubber duck in a rainbow life jacket/vest

9/27/17: Two lx profs and two psych profs walk into a surgery center:

Two lx profs and two psych profs walk into a surgery center

Rainbow Coalition logo

10/29/17: March of the rainbow mixers:

March of the rainbow mixers

array of KitchenAid stand mixers in Pride flag colors

10/30/17: Skeleton rainbow:

Skeleton rainbow

rainbow of skeletons

11/25/17: Pillowtalk:


#1 rainbow evolution pillowcase; #3 rainbow flag pillowcase

12/11/17: Exercises in high-macho style:

Exercises in high macho style

#2 rainbow skittles (ninepins)

12/26/17: Sterek:


#1 Sterek with the Pride flag

3/18/18: Adam Hillman: rainbows and food

Adam Hillman: rainbows and food

rainbow assemblages by Hillman

4/11/18: On the fisting patrol:

On the fisting patrol

#2 rainbow resistance symbol

4/20/18: The rainbow beard:

The rainbow beard

Lee Tucker and his rainbow beard

5/4/18: Stuff your furry friend:

Stuff your furry friend

Rainbows the (stuffed) Bear

5/12/18: Forever Gay:

Forever Gay

rainbow infinity sign

5/13/18: Gay butterflies:

Gay butterflies

rainbow butterflies

5/14/18: On the rainbowwear beat:

On the rainbowwear beat

rainbow kilt

5/19/18: The 6-fold way:

The 6-fold way

the rainbow colors in the color wheel

6/5/18: We are everywhere, and we have penguins:

We are everywhere, and we have penguins

2018 Pride in Antarctica

6/10/18: Rainbow moments:

Rainbow moments

rainbow flossers; alternatives to Baker Pride flag; rainbow cock rings

6/19/18: The wands, magic wands, and fairy wands of Pride:

The wands, magic wands, and fairy wands of Pride

plain and showily tipped wands in rainbow colors

6/29/18: Paul Octavious:

Paul Octavious

#9 book rainbow

7/3/18: Annals of edibilia: Hissing Cockroach, Severed Genitals:

Annals of edibilia: Hissing Cockroach, Severed Genitals

#15 rainbow spinning tops

7/5/18: The multi-speed rainbow buttlight penguin (in blue):

The multi-speed rainbow buttlight penguin (in blue)

#3 rainbow pride guitar

8/3/18: The rainbow pillars of Montréal:

The rainbow pillars of Montréal

#1 rainbow pillars at Beaudry Metro station

8/8/18: The Gay Village, Swiss Chalet, poutine:

The Gay Village, Swiss Chalet, poutine

rainbow-colored overhead balls in Montreal’s Gay Village

8/9/18: Dix-huit nuances de gai:

Dix-huit nuances de gai

18-color rainbow installation by Claude Cormier in Montreal

8/16/18: Rainbow. Sharks. Rainbow sharks.:

Rainbow. Sharks. Rainbow sharks.

#1 escalator in Stockholm Metro; #4 Paul & Shark t-shirt

10/15/18: Piñata under the gun:

Piñata under the gun

rainbow donkey piñata

10/24/18: Rainbow shopping days:

Rainbow shopping days

rainbow leather boots; rainbow stainless steel flatware

12/26/18: Four presents

Four presents

rainbow t-shirt with LinkedIn logo

1/20/19: Know your Prideful polarites

Know your Prideful polarites

rainbow penguin and rainbow polar bear

5/15/19: News for Fenis:

News for Fenis

#4 rainbow penises in a design pattern

6/13/19: A superheroic identity crisis:

A superheroic identity crisis

#7 rainbow Superman logo

6/21/19: Mickey gets stuffed for Pride:

Mickey gets stuffed for Pride

rainbow Mickey Mouse

6/25/19: Fashion notes for Pride 2019

Fashion notes for Pride 2019

rainbow clothing: shorts, jumpsuits, rompers

7/11/19: Three Pride moments:

Three Pride moments

Pride flag; rainbow penguins of many sorts

8/23/19: Penguins meet and greet:

Penguins meet and greet

rainbow mosaic penguin from Barcino Designs

11/2/19: Gaysper:


rainbow cartoon ghost, rainbow skull and crossbones

12/8/19: A syncretic religious holiday:

A syncretic religious holiday

rainbow Pride menorah (on a t-shirt)

2/24/20: Eel-eater and his kind:

Eel-eater and his kind

the rainbow snake

6/18/20: Exulting in Pride:

Exulting in Pride

rainbow Gay as Fuck t-shirt

6/21/20: Gay hedgehog:

Gay hedgehog

hedgehog waving a rainbow flag; rainbow fox

7/22/20: Gay Highander:

Gay Highander

rainbow kilts

7/26/20: Who were those masked penguins?:

Who were those masked penguins?

rainbow penguin face masks (and other rainbow penguins)

9/5/20: The rainbow party dog:

The rainbow party dog

flower arrangement

9/7/20: The post-celebratory day:

The post-celebratory day

10/21/20: Three comforting presents:

Three comforting presents

a rainbow stuffed unicorn

1/1/21: The gayguin:

The gayguin

gay penguin t-shirt

1/17/21: Rainbows:


the Gay Pride flag rainbow vs. Isaac Newton’s rainbow

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