*Material on rock rhyme, half-rhyme / half rhyme, imperfect rhyme, etc. and phonological similarity, especially in folk poetry (very broadly construed)

9/30/18: AZ on imperfect rhyme:
5 papers of mine on the topic

10/1/18: Imperfect rhyme, part 2:
inventory of postings with half-rhymes in them

10/6/18: Imperfect rhyme, part 3:
inventory of publications citing mine on half-rhyme

10/15/18: Fables of the trees:
subsequence rhyme in Rush’s “The Trees”

1/19/20: Rent Spikes / Stoke Dread / By the Sea:
dense phonological relationships in found poetry

1/19/20: Meat on the Beach:
meat – beach

9/12/20: Hard-core gendering:
manly bands

4/8/21: Beat Zippy said to Beat Griffy:
those and Rose, inter alia, in a Ginsberg poem

4/14/21: Hot Jock Crop Top:
four-word half-rhyme using all three voiceless stops of English

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