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Tom of Finland comics and drawings; ToF as a cultural figure

8/2/10: Who is this message intended for?

Who is this message intended for?

Tom of Finland XXL book

8/6/10: The Tom of Finland action figure comes home:

8/6/10: The Tom of Finland action figure:

The Tom of Finland action figure

4/19/11: Tom of Finland collages:

4/19/11: Basket : moose knuckle :: butt : ?:

Basket : moose knuckle :: butt : ?

Tom of Finland moose-knuckle

1/1/12: Late entries in the gay Santa sweepstakes:

Late entries in the gay Santa sweepstakes

ToF Santa

3/25/13: Men kissing:

Men kissing

ToF drawing

4/16/14: Finnish stamp surprise:

Finnish stamp surprise

ToF stamp

5/3/14: Tom of Smurfland:

Tom of Smurfland

8/28/14: Hybrid art:

Hybrid art

My Little ToF figure

9/9/14: lgbt stamp year:

LGBT stamp year

ToF stamp

4/26/16: Sex comics: the kinksters:

Sex comics: the kinksters

10/19/16: French lessons:
10 collages, in pairs; Tom of Finland and Bob Mizer

10/19/16: Five sets of gay collages:

Five sets of gay collages

set with ToF images

12/17/16: Two late December holidays:

Two late December holidays

ToF Santa

2/17/17: Felix d-Eon: normalizing gay:

Felix d’Eon: on normalizing gay

ToF vs. Felix d’Eon

9/19/17: Disney meets Tom of Finland:

Disney meets Tom of Finland

11/5/17: Pillowtalk:


ToF pillowcase

12/5/17: 100 years of independence:

100 years of independence


6/13/20: Roll my log for Pride:

Roll my log for Pride

ToF “River Duo” (1966)

8/9/20: August flora and fauna:

August flora and fauna


9/15/20: Tom of Finland at 100:

Tom of Finland at 100

1/24/21: It started with a kiss:

It started with a kiss

2/16/21: Hello, Sailor:

Hello, sailor

#6 soldier and sailor

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