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7/3/10: Zwicky stuff:

Zwicky stuff

[reference to] the Zwicky tank truck, adding yet another product to the growing list of Zwicky things (among them chocolate, muesli, thread and yarn, arrowheads for bow-and-arrow hunting, and meat rub)
Zwickys have of course put their hand to producing such characteristically Swiss items as wine and cheese (see Henry J. Zwicky of the Wisconsin Cheese Group), but apparently without affixing the family name to their company or its product.
Meanwhile, as I revealed in a Language Log posting back in 2006 [on 2/28/06: ““Zwicky” on the Slut-O-Meter”], there have been other Zwickys of note, among them (in alphabetical order) Arnold (that would be me), Elizabeth (in Silicon Valley techland, now at Yahoo), Fay (the Australian poet), Fritz (the Cal Tech astrophysicist), Jan (the Canadian poet), and Richard (also in Silicon Valley techland, now at his company Enquisite). Google Alert keeps me up on their doings, as well as appearances in print (in the Reading (PA) Eagle, for which I once worked) of my cousin David, who’s president of the school board in the Conrad Weiser district back where I grew up, and of other Zwickys as well.
Also from Google Alert, I learn of the recent release (June 15) of of an ep Zwicky Catalog, with five tracks of electronic music by Hardstroke … the Zwicky reference is to Fritz and his catalog of galaxies


AZ, 2/28/06: “Zwicky” on the Slut-o-Meter:
net presences of various people named Zwicky

3/3/10: Zwicky and the Cat Museum:

Zwicky and the Cat Museum

Zwicky thread and yarn

3/26/10: A treat from Dr. Zwicky:

A treat from Dr. Zwicky

Dr. Zwicky’s meat rubs

4/26/10: German physicist Eugene Wigner?:

German physicist Eugene Wigner?

astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky

11/24/11: Conrad Zwicky:

Conrad Zwicky

a musical Swiss Zwicky, who will figure, with his wife Salome and his three sons, in later postings

8/3/12: Zwicky Fingers:

Zwicky Fingers

book: The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers

1/28/14: More Reading PA:

More Reading PA

artist Rich Houck, son of my Zwicky cousin Eleanor Severin Houck

7/2/14: From the Zwicky diaspora:

From the Zwicky diaspora

skateboarding cop Joel Zwicky;
on the town of Mollis, Canton Glarus

2/24/16: Annals of art and design: LC2 in Swiss concrete:

Annals of art and design: LC2 in Swiss concrete

Stefan Zwicky

3/24/16: From the Zwicky diaspora: spinning and weaving:

From the Zwicky diaspora: spinning and trimming in Denver

Lauren Zwicky
poet Jan Zwicky
poet Fay Zwicky
plus-size model Stéphanie Zwicky

5/21/16: Anti-spam architect (plus a mathemagician):

Anti-spam architect (plus a mathemagician)

interview with EDZ

7/15/16: Time to refuel:

Time to refuel

Zwicky Ltd. refuelling company

7/16/16: To be floral, bearded, and young:

To be floral, bearded, and young

Zwicky Promotions in Brighton SX

7/31/16: Mister Zwicky and Miss Edna:

Mister Zwicky and Miss Edna

character in a video game

8/19/16: A filmic Zwicky from Perth:

A filmic Zwicky from Perth

Karl Zwicky

9/3/16: Business news from our house:

Business news from our house

New York Times story about EDZ

10/16/16: Zwicky le Chat:

Zwicky le Chat

mascot for the Paris shops Fleux

10/16/16: On the Zwicky art watch: Calder Zwicky:

On the Zwicky art watch: Calder Zwicky

10/17/16: Zwickys of New York: Chuck the mixmaster:

Zwickys of New York: Chuck the mixmaster

Chuck Zwicky

10/17/16: More Zwicky postings:

More Zwicky postings

Zwicky muesli; Zwicky surname t-shirt; film The Zwickys, Gaëlle Zwicky, Henry J. Zwicky

10/18/16: Journalist Fred Zwicky:

Journalist Fred Zwicky

11/20/16: A near-Zwicky: Zwickey broadheads:

A near-Zwicky: Zwickey broadheads

11/20/16: Zwicky annals: David W. Zwicky:

Zwicky annals: David W. Zwicky

11/25/16: Swish Zwicky:

Swish Zwicky

Pinterest poster “nelly zwicky”; Swiss writer Nelly Zwicky

12/9/16: Two Daniel Zwickys:

Two Daniel Zwickys

hair stylist/barber in Fort Lauderdale FL; investment banker in London

12/15/16: Eleanor Zwicky Justice:

Eleanor Zwicky Justice

death notice for NC cousin Eleanor

12/18/16: Mariano Hernán Mujica:

Mariano Hernán Mujica

Argentinean diplomat Mariano, grandson of Margarita Zwicky from Mollis

2/3/17: Theo Zwicky:

Theo Zwicky

European scholar of jazz

3/10/17: Katharina Zwicky:

Katharina Zwicky


4/25/17: Zwicky takes us to Ballarat 60 years ago:

Zwicky takes us to Ballarat 60 years ago

tv shows directed by Karl Zwicky

5/14/17: Six mothers:

Six mothers

Zwicky family photo from ca. 1945

6/16/17: Father and grandfather:

Father and grandfather

my father; my Swiss grandparents; my Pa. Dutch grandmother and aunt Marian

6/19/17: Don Coleman:

Don Coleman

my cousin Don, his brothers, and parents (Lillian and Al Coleman)

<☛ 7/4/17: Fay Zwicky:

Fay Zwicky

death notice for the poet

8/2/17: Three names:

Three names

canton Glarus

8/18/17: Zwicky Avenue:

Zwicky Avenue

Zwicky Ave. on Staten Island

9/12/17: Cat on a silken thread:

Cat on a silken thread

the Zwicky thread company and its new site

10/27/17: The Zwicky engine of Harringay:

The Zwicky engine of Harringay

Swiss engineer Jean Zwicky in north London in 1907

11/2/17: A Zwicky of favour physics:

A Zwicky of flavour physics

particle physicist Roman Zwicky

11/27/17: The two Salome Zwickys of Zürich:

The two Salome Zwickys of Zürich

doctor and soprano Salome Zwicky; violist etc. Conrad Z; cellist Peter Z; pianists Benjamin Z and Stefan Z

12/8/17: The other Elizabeth Zwicky:

The other Elizabeth Zwicky

12/8/17: Zwicke:


Dr. Dianne Zwicke of Milwaukee WI; Sheriff Arnold Zwicke of Seguin TX

12/9/17: Another Arnold Zwicky, and several Arnold near-Zwickys:

Another Arnold Zwicky, and several Arnold near-Zwickys

another Arnold Zwicky on FB; Arnold Zwicke, Arnold Zwick, Arnold Zwicker; possible source of all these names

12/9/17: Revisiting 15: Salome, Conrad, and more Zs:

Revisiting 15: Salome, Conrad, and more Zs

more on Salome, Conrad, Stefan, Peter, Benjamin

1/3/18: A mystery cookie Zwicky:

A mystery cookie Zwicky

cookie baker in Anchorage AK

1/30/18: Andrea Zwicky:

Andrea Zwicky

Swiss actor

4/6/18: Family matters:

Family matters

relatives and connections on my mother’s side of the family: aunt Marion, grandmother Sue, uncle Herb, uncle Paul

4/21/18: Personal anniversaries in 2018:

Personal anniversaries in 2018

my father and my grandparents (Irwin and Sue, Melchior and Bertha)

6/6/18: Swiss watchmakers:

Swiss watchmakers

Joëlle Zwicky, head of Corporate Social Responsibility at IWC Schaffhausen

6/18/18: Return to the E. Zwicky grain mill:

Return to the E. Zwicky grain mill

makers of Zwicky muesli

6/19/18: A Swiss thread:

A Swiss thread

Zwicky thread and yarn company; its history

6/20/18: The cheese of my forebears:

The cheese of my forebears

Schabziger / Sap Sago, the cheese of Canton Glarus, where the Zwickys come from

6/24/18: A Swiss thread in Paris:

A Swiss thread in Paris

more on the Zwicky thread company; its office in Paris

6/27/18: Three Züricher Peter Zwickys:

Three Züricher Peter Zwickys

Peter Zwicky of the silk-thread company; his daughter Joëlle; earthquake engineer Peter Zwicky; cellist Peter Zwicky


artist Christine Zwicky-Lehmann

7/15/18: On the black cat patrol:

On the black cat patrol

Zwicky silk thread company

1/16/19: Picturesque Mollis, with helicopters:

Picturesque Mollis, with helicopters

Mollis, the ancestral home of the Zwickys

4/9/19: The serial entrepreneur of Victoria BC:

The serial entrepreneur of Victoria BC

Richard Zwicky

5/8/19: The GRP of Montpelier VT:

The GRP of Montpelier VT

Dylan Zwicky

5/21/19: Das Wappen:
Zwicky coats of arms; Johann Heinrich Zwicky (1651-1733); later Johann Heinrich Zwicky (early 19th century), called Henry; Denis Zwicky, Miami videographer

5/22/19: Tsviki from Belarus:

Tsviki from Belarus

Leonid Tsviki, Lutheran pastor in Vitebsk; Julia Tsviki at dance academy in Halloran Beach FL

5/22/19: The videographer:

The videographer

Denis Zwicky, videographer in Miami

7/15/19: Tall Tree TeleSwissies:

Tall Tree TeleSwissies

Kai Zwicky of Swisscom

10/9/19: Der Migros-Sprecher Gabriel Zwicky:

Der Migros-Sprecher Gabriel Zwicky

10/31/19: Marc-Olivier Zwicky:

Marc-Olivier Zwicky

of Syngenta in Basel

11/21/19: Here’s to adorable Gina:

Here’s to adorable Gina

marine biologist Gina Zwicky in New Orleans

1/2/20: Zwicky with a beat:

Zwicky with a beat

Zürich techno / ambient composer André Zwicky

2/14/20: Socka Hitsch:

Socka Hitsch

aka Christian Zwicky: the sock vendor of Landquart in the Graubünden

4/9/20: 1879:


Melchior Arnold Zwicky, born 4/9 in 1879

5/14/20: Urs on drums:

Urs on drums

Urs Zwicky, of the Swiss rock band Daytona

9/21/20: The Kentucky lawyer:

The Kentucky lawyer

Anna C. Zwicky

9/30/20: Warren Zwicky, pianist:

Warren Zwicky, pianist

1/29/21: True or false in Mushroomland:
more from Gina Zwicky

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