Sacred Harp music

Postings about Sacred Harp (and other shapenote) singing.

6/22/10: Rivers of Babylon
music: Wood Street 504, William Billings round Rivers of Babylon

9/23/10: Memorial singing
music: Boylston 147t, War Department 160t, Babylon Is Fallen 117, Jordan 66, All Is Well 122, Mount Desert 474

9/23/10: Shapenote singing: some basics
music: St. Thomas 34b, Ninety-Fifth 36b, New Britain 45t, Natick 497, Wood Street 504

9/23/10: Notes on shapenote singing

10/17/10: Shapenote videos
video of Panting for Heaven 384

12/13/10: Jesus, the Light of the World
mention of Cookham 81b

1/7/11: Quotes and footnotes
mention of The Grieved Soul 448b

3/28/11: Singing and cake

8/16/11: Ilse Lehiste Memorial Symposium
music: Hallelujah 146

8/30/11: Hallelujah
discussion of Hallelujah 146

8/30/11: Awake my soul
music: Loving-Kindness 275

☛ 11/29/11: Rudolph in Northfield
music: Northfield 155

11/29/11: Borrowing texts

11/30/11: Text and tune
discussion of Northfield 155

12/12/11: Black keys
music: Prospect 30b, New Britain 45t, Jewett 105, New Britain in Southern Harmony 8t

12/13/11: Text+Tune
music: from American Christmas Harp: Antioch, Antioch in Southern Harmony, Sheffield, Boston

12/23/11: Come thou fount
music: Nettleton in Episcopal hymnal, and under the name The Good Shepherd, in Walker’s Christian Harmony, Restoration (First) 312b, Olney 135, Warrenton 145, Family Circle 333

12/26/11: Six tunes, at least that many texts
music: Auld Lang Syne / Hamburg / Plenary 162, Shepherds Rejoice 152, Oxford 306, Boston, Ellacombe (Lutheran hymnal), Christmas Eve (Lutheran hymnal)

1/5/12: Portuguese Hymn
music: Portuguese Hymn 223

7/10/12: Copernicus and Springsteen
music: The Last Words of Copernicus 338

7/10/12: Muriillo’s, or Morelli’s, Lesson
music: Murillo’s Lesson 358, The Bride’s Farewell 359b

12/21/12: Through all the changing scenes of life
music: Psalm 34th

12/27/12: Confidence and Bear Creek
music: Confidence 270, Bear Creek 269

12/28/12: Praise singing
music: Bridgewater 274

5/15/13: half the beast, the neighbor of the beast

5/19/13: Two mother songs
music: The Dying Boy 398, Holy Manna 59

6/10/13: Shapenote postings
summary of postings

4/20/14: Easter Anthem

11/2/14: Sacred Harp by Cantus
music: A Thankful Heart 475, Holy Manna 59

4/29/15: Ignaz Pleyel
music: Pleyel’s Hymn (First) 123, Pleyel’s Hymn (Second) 523b

4/17/16: Marian Bush:
death notice for a singer

5/19/16: How long?:

7/13/16: Farewells:
SH347 Christians, Farewell (with alternative words)

9/18/16: Another curiosity shelf:
SH99 Gospel Trumpet

9/26/16: The Antichrist:
Southern Harmony 19t: Hicks’ Farewell
SH83b The Dying Minister
SH348t Ainslie
SH570 Farewell to All (Second)

11/16/16: But oh, their end, their dreadful end:
SH183 Greenwich
SH191 Virginia
SH192 Schenectady
SH193 Huntington

11/28/16: My tongue broke out in unknown strains:
SH297 Conversion

2/13/17: Our allotted span:
SH35 Saints Bound for Heaven
SH50 t: Mortality, b: Humility
SH181: Exit

2/13/17: Rainbow:
SH344: Rainbow; Bay Area singings

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