Comic conventions

Comic conventions
including cartoon memes and meta-comics; penguin cartoons mostly listed in the Penguin postings Page

see also the “Obscenicon postings” Page

see also the “Speech balloons” Page

This list is up-to-date only from mid-2014 on.


5/12/12: Gag cartoons:
cartoon memes: desert island, dog-in-a-bar, caveman

6/14/12: Death at play:
Grim Reaper cartoon meme

5/26/14: Two more on Memorial Day:
#2 Zippy on failure of cartoon characters to age

5/29/14: Threesies:
Bob Mankoff advice: things are funnier in threes

☛ 6/7/14: Assorted cartoons:
#3 Zippy: absurdly meta
#4 Pearls referring to Calvin and Hobbes

6/11/14: Book notice: Visual Language of Comics:
Neil Cohen’s The Visual Language of Comics

7/6/14: Cartooning at the diner:
Zippy: Zippy and Griffy on cartoon styles

11/8/14: Saturday trio:
#3: Bizarro: character makes reference to crosshatching on another character

1/30/15: Another cross-comic allusion:
MGG: allusion to Pearls; links to earlier MGG strips with allusions to other comics

2/26/15: Return of the word avalanche:
Pearls Before Swine: meta-comic

7/26/15: Kongtoon:
Bizarro: King Kong cartoon meme

11/22/15: Self-awareness:
MGG: meta-comic; convention that characters’ physical features are just lines on paper

12/15/15: The news for cartoons:
Bob Mankoff on fact-checking cartoons; discussion of the conventions of the comic world vs. things in the real world; taboo vocabulary in cartoons
Zippy: eyes in manga/anime (with examples)
conventions on the use of background colors in the comics

12/17/15: manga/anime hair:
Zippy: hair in manga/anime

12/30/15: Five cartoons for the penultimate day:
Zippy: #3 on cartoon conventions

1/8/16: Two New Yorker cartoons:
#2 with conventions for identifying a caveman

1/12/16: Ahab and the whale:
Ahab and the whale as a cartoon meme, especially in the New Yorker

1/16/16: Yaoi goes to high school:
conventions of gay manga

1/20/16: Five from Barsotti:
conventions for assigning gender to anthropomorphized inanimate objects

1/21/16: The Ascent of Bruce:
the Ascent of Man cartoon meme

1/21/16: Tim Lockley and Ods Bodkins:
the Batman cartoon meme

1/29/16: P.C. Vey:
the caveman cartoon meme; movement lines (agitrons)

3/1/16: CounterEvolution:
the Ascent of Man cartoon meme

3/12/16: Mayan comics and alliterative music:
visual conventions in the Mayan counterpart to modern comics

5/1/16: Between the desert and the couch:
two cartoon memes; self-referentiality

5/6/16: Peter Kuper:
the Ahab and the whale meme

5/22/16: A slow meme:
the slow snail meme

5/28/16: The snail days of summer:
The slow snail meme

5/31/16: Circularity at the dawn of language:
the caveman meme

6/2/16: Cartoony days:
cartoony faces; awareness of cartoon characters that they are in fact cartoon characters

6/4/16: Geek compounds:
repurposed drawings

6/9/16: Tom Toro:
#4 the (indistinguishable) penguin meme

6/24/16: Bob Eckstein:
#3 the seeker and the seer meme

7/16/16: Zippy on a cross-comic run:
Zippy with references to six other cartoon characters

8/24/16: Cartoon characters’ self-awareness:
Bizarro with characters on strike

8/25/16: November 24th, 2014:
Evolution of Life meme combined with Traffic Stop meme

10/6/16: Bozo’s ark:
Noah’s Ark meme combined with meme of the clown and his balloon animals

10/12/16: Clown and balloon animal, take 4:
clown and his balloon animal

10/28/16: Halloween exposure:
background knowledge needed; torture as a cartoon theme

10/30/16: Toon animal time:
#1 Bizarro on the Ascent of Man meme

11/20/16: The mazel tov cocktail:
the cartoon bomb

3/16/17: Cavenips:
the caveman meme

3/30/17: Billy Zane:
superhero tights, no visible pupils

3/31/17: The Ahab-Moby affair:
the Ahab and the whale cartoon meme

4/10/17: A primate with a pipe:
the dressed-up primate meme (ape or monkey)

4/13/17: Three more Reapings:
Grim Reaper meme; Psychiatrist meme

4/15/17: A scent of man:
Ascent of Man meme; Caveman memes

5/1/17: Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit: three cartoons for the 1st:
MGG: characters recognizing that they’re in a cartoon

5/5/17: Potato Head strip poker:
the Potato Head cartoon meme

5/11/17: Nudist penguins on parade:
the Penguin cartoon meme (with tuxedos)

5/31/17: Slow turtle and even slower snail:
the slow snail cartoon meme and slow turtle cartoon meme

6/4/17: Detached bodyparts in the comics:
#1 Potato Head cartoon meme

6/6/17: Griffy Dimwit:
on the nature of comics

6/9/17: An old mammoth joke:
the caveman cartoon meme

6/28/17: The Ballad of Clark and Bruce: SuperBat of Pink Steel Forever:
superhero/explosion bubbles

7/6/17: Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan:
Kaplan: allusion to another comic; understanding comics

7/11/17: Office Goofiosity cuisine:
cartoony / cartoonish characters

7/12/17: Toonies and their toons:
more on cartoony / cartoonish characters

7/14/17: Vlad the Employer:
speech bubbles; meta-comic

7/31/17: Today’s cartoon comprehension test:
desert island cartoon meme; meta-comic

8/2/17: Self-referential cartooning:
meta-cartoon with illeistic self-reference

8/9/17: Further adventures in cartoon understanding:
#1 Pirate theme, Pegleg Pirate meme

8/17/17: August 21st: two cartoons:
#1 Desert Island meme, self-reference

8/23/17: -izing the dog:

8/25/17: Revisiting 1: Will McPhail:
#2 Ascent of Man meme

10/13/17: Ascending and parting:
#1 JAK cartoon with Ascent of Man meme

10/13/17: Clowns and their balloon animals:
cartoon meme of the clown and his balloon animals

10/23/17: The pumpkin spice cartoon meme:

10/31/17: Three kinds of cartoons:
#1 Mick Stevens meta-cartoon

11/9/17: Comics on comics:
Zippy meta-cartoons

11/15/17: The Mankoff rat cartoon:
the Pavlov meme

11/17/17: Singing in parts:
the Galley Slave meme

11/30/17: Two memic moments:
penguin cartoons; Maze-Rat meme

12/2/17: Two and a cover:
Desert Island, Grim Reaper

12/7/17: The saguaro in bloom:
saguaro as cartoon symbol of the desert

12/7/17: Monkey see, monkey fear:
Bizarro with cross-comic reference, to the Curious George books

12/17/17: Moby Chick, Moby Duck, Moby Dip:
the Ahab and the whale meme

12/22/17: Memory and the power of diner food:
the Proust and the madeleines meme

12/29/17: George Booth at 90: elephants and holidays:
#1, #8-10: the elephant in the room meme; #8 the psychoanalyst meme; #9 the witness stand meme

1/18/18: Out of the Inkwell:
animated Koko the clown comics as meta-comics

1/19/18: More George Booth:
#1 Dog In Bar meme

2/17/18: Tell them you haven’t seen him:
#1 Toper in Hiding trope; Waldo figure

2/23/18: Death’s end:
Grim Reaper meme

3/3/18: Familiar cartoon themes: Waldo and sugar bombs:
#1 Waldo figure, Psychiatrist meme

3/4/18: Two memic cartoons:
Walk Into Bar, Psychiatrist, Batman, Multiple Personality

3/9/18: The scythe in the casket:
Grim Reaper meme

3/14/18: The Waldo watch:
Waldo figure

3/16/18: The cartoon doctor:
doctor symbols; the trope turn your head and cough

3/31/18: Little Orphan Anime:
conventions of anime

4/1/18: Two Easter cartoons:
Psychiatrist meme

4/8/18: Three weekend cartoons: POP goes the caveman couple, recursively:
Caveman meme; stricture-disregarding man, stricture-enforcing woman

4/14/18: New frontiers in POPs:
Psychiatrist meme

4/15/18: Cave painting:
Caveman meme

4/17/18: Lars Kinseth:
#2 meta-cartoon (self-referential), Psychiatrist meme, Clown meme

4/27/18: Another q uick cartoon comprehension quiz:
Doomsday meme, Godzilla meme

4/28/18: Drove my Chevrolet:
meta-comic: Rat rebukes the cartoonist Stephan Pastis

5/3/18: Waldo Chast:
Waldo meme

5/4/18: Them, if ever, come lusty days:
Caveman meme

5/5/18: Mayotoon:
Banana Peel trope

5/14/18: Air spelling:
meta: characters’ awareness of the text in speech balloons

5/22/18: (I just) can’t stop (it):
Godzilla meme

6/1/18: Narrative theory at the therapist’s:
Psychiatrist meme

6/3/18: The canine therapist:
Psychiatrist meme

6/4/18: Again with the nose job:
cartoony / cartoonish characters

6/11/18: In case of cartoons, see therapist:
Psychiatrist meme (3 strips), Desert Island meme

6/23/18: Return to the Amherst Diner in Winchester VA:
Walk Into Bar joke format

6/25/18: Midsummer cartoons:
#1 Psychiatrist meme

8/4/18: Cultural knowledge:
translations of one world into another in 3 cartoons

8/8/18: The elephant in therapy:
memes: Psychiatrist, Elephant in the Room, Elephant Memory

8/15/18: At the eggcorn’s edge:
characters speaking in spellings

9/22/18: therapist dog, dog therapist:
Psychiatrist meme

9/25/18: The dog therapist is IN:
Psychiatrist meme

9/27/18: Mike Lynch:
Supplicant with Sign meme

10/15/18: Piñata under the gun:
metaphorical cartoons

10/21/18: Dark magic:
Zippy: convention that cartoon characters don’t age

10/21/18: The Tritoons gather by the river:
cartoon memes / tropes

12/20/18: Ask not for whom the Reaper scythes:
2 Grim Reaper cartoons

2/5/19: Aquatic carpentry:
Bizarro with translation between worlds

2/11/19: Age cannot wther them:
cartoon characters not aging

2/18/19: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:
meta-cartoon by Kenseth, several Desert Island cartoons

3/3/19: The MetaCat:
meta-cartoon (frame-breaking) by Pasval Jousselin

3/30/19: How to use your balloons:
speech/word balloons, meta cartoons, self-reference

4/13/19: Meaty mammoths, cat vs. dog:
cat vs. dog meme, caveman meme

5/16/19: Is Timmy in trouble?:
Timmy-Lassie meme (8 cartoons)

5/30/19: Wisely seasoned:
Godzilla meme, Wise Man meme (5 cartoons)

6/10/19: The Mememobile:
Mister Laffee truck, offering cartoon memes

6/13/19: A superheroic identity crisis:
Superman meme, Psychiatrist meme

7/5/19: Death, first as tragedy, then as farce:
Grim Reaper meme

7/12/19: The clown barber of Custard Street:
Clown meme

7/17/19: Avocado Chronicles: 6 on the beach:
Grim Reaper meme

9/3/19: Cavemen of high education:
Caveman meme, in two cartoons and an ad series

9/10/19: Him wear saurian monitor:
Caveman meme in a Hilburn cartoon; parallel worlds in a cartoon

9/15/19: Segregation in the soapy comics:
meta cartoon, with self-reference; cartooniness

9/17/19: The amazing talking pirate:
PirateTalk and ParrotTalk; role reversals in the comics

9/18/19: The hurtful dog:
Explosm Hurtful Dog meme template

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