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food and drink postings

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5/16/09: Donuts and Chinese food:

10/29/09: housemade:

4/3/10: Semantic change on the menu:
bruschetta, marinara sauce

4/10/10: More on marinara sauce:

5/8/10: Short shots #45: maple-apple scrapple:

5/9/10: Diets:

5/11/10: More diets:

8/7/10: Portmanteau Prunus:
nectaplums, pluots, etc.

8/29/10: Fair mammoth ears:
elephant ears and other fair food

10/31/10: Wieners:

2/17/11: Chinese lazy susan:

2/24/11: Origin myths:

3/8/11: Fasnacht Day:

4/1/11: Rutt’s and Mutt’s:
hot dog restaurants

4/5/11: Go pho it:
pho puns

4/21/11: Leering sushi:
hand rolls

4/22/11: Hoisting a few brewskis:

4/23/11: drizzled:
recipe/menu language

4/24/11: Check your iPho:
iPho t-shirt

5/24/11: The marmaxi:
giant martini

5/24/11: Chow-chow:

6/2/11: Hot dog modesty in the Times:

6/3/11: Louis XIII cognac:

6/11/11: Product names:
for lab-grown meat

6/18/11: The Ass Cake:

7/6/11: Gay spaghetti:
screw pastas

7/14/11: Soffatelli, pastachetti, pepperoni, diavolini:

8/5/11: Menu madness:
creatively named menu items

8/11/11: bork (the portmanteau):

8/19/11: More on pepperoni:

8/22/11: Zippy makes a sandwich:
submarine sandwiches

8/23/11: Corndogs and their ilk:

8/23/11: Satanic fast food:

8/24/11: Zippy subs, take 2:
submarine sandwiches

9/4/11: lobster?:

☛ 9/15/11: This month’s unpalatable portmanteau:

10/4/11: crabsticks:

10/19/11: Annals of verbing:
verb escoveitch

11/11/11: rock shrimp:

11/16/11: Food and drink postings:

11/18/11: The food issue, with pesto:

11/24/11: Thanksgiving meals:
posole, hominy

11/24/11: Turkey improvisations:

12/10/11: Chicken verdicchio:

12/11/11: Food families:

12/11/11: Peking on Mystic:
Peking on Mystic restaurant; Peking Duck, Ants Climb Tree, Lion’s Head

12/16/11: More memories:
restaurants in Cambridge and Boston

12/18/11: latkepalooza:
latkes, country ham

12/22/11: Gift chocolates:
popping candy

1/7/12: gastropub:
gastropub, brewpub, brewstaurant

1/31/12: Fag food:
Fagolosi breadsticks, fagottini pasta

2/1/12: Waffles and gnocchi:

2/5/12: Pasta books:

2/6/12: Framing drinks:
virgin cocktails, mocktails, non-alcoholic drinks

2/9/12: Valenpizza:
HeartBaker pizza

2/14/12: Suggestive:
ranch dressing

2/21/12: St. Pancake’s Day:
Mardi Gras food, pancakes in particular

2/29/12: Slang connotations too unfortunate to explain:
fagioli, fagiolini

3/1/12: Take a leek:
vichyssoise etc.

3/7/12: pho x 4:
pho puns in restaurant names

3/25/12: Food puns:
panini, congee

4/23/12: Cartoon potatoes:
French fries/freedom fries, Tater Tots

5/2/12: Old recipes I: Mrs. Curtis:

5/2/12: Old recipes II: Libby Daingerfield:

5/2/12: Old recipes III: milk pie:

5/5/12: Old recipes IV: George Leonard Herter:

6/7/12: A foodmageddon:

6/11/12: La Victoria:

6/14/12: cole slaw:

6/26/12: Still more gay flag:
rainbow Oreos

6/27/12: Meaty puns:
and foie gras

6/28/12: For Stonewall Day:
rainbow food

7/18/12: pad thai:

8/10/12: Brief mention: origin myths:
Pizza Guys

8/11/12: Annals of phallicity: Wienermobile:

8/13/12: Breakfast at Zippy’s:
mixed tandoori platter, eggplant rollatini, Ethiopian dulet, Peruvian breakfast

8/14/12: Follow-up: another breakfast:
Japanese breakfast

8/15/12: Julia is 100:
Julia Child

8/16/12: fusion:
fusion cuisine

8/18/12: French dip:

8/21/12: Three from Vietnam:
spring rolls, pho, banh mi

8/24/12: Dialect adventures:
chipped ham sandwiches

8/29/12: Food art:
edible art

9/25/12: Day of Atonement:

10/2/12: Chinese taco:
Chinese & taco; sincronizadas

10/3/12: On the octopus watch:
(invented) tako taco; takoyaki, tako sushi

10/26/12: Rainbow fruit:
rainbow fruit

10/28/12: The doughnut news for Halloween:
Psycho Donuts

10/30/12: At the sign of the Z:
lobster bisque

11/27/12: More rainbow fruit:
rainbow fruit skewers

12/1/12: Poetic intersection:
food poetry

☛ 12/5/12: sprouts:

12/16/12: Christmas dinner:
Christmas dinner and Chinese restaurants

12/21/12: soft serve

1/2/13: twigs, grahams, and puffs:
twigs, grahams, puffs (and flakes, nuggets): bits of cereal

1/10/13: Bob & Edith’s:
diner conventions

1/27/13: baguette:

1/28/13: Annals of phallicity: the breadstuffs:
phallic breadstuffs

2/17/13: chocolates:

3/6/13: Chicken and waffles:
chicken and waffles (two types)

3/7/13: Chicken and waffles: the chip connection:
chicken and waffles chips

3/7/13: Today’s food portmanteau:
chili pepper wine

3/20/13: stone fruits, nuts, and berries:

3/20/13: sea cucumbers:

3/21/13: NuttyBuddies and Nutty Buddies:
Nutty Buddies, Nutter Butter

3/27/13: Abutilon and its relatives:
marshmallow, okra, gumbo

3/28/13: Peeps:
Peeps; kosher food

3/29/13: Bell pepper sex:
Bell peppers

4/2/13: glass eels:

4/4/13: taco sauce:
taco sauce, Hostess products

4/11/13: tree nuts:

4/22/13: Gay greens: the big two:
arugula, radicchio, and related vegetables

5/1/13: Gamma linole(n)ic acid and borage:

5/6/13: Tacolicious:
tacos, chupitos

5/8/13: More rhesus humor:
Reese’s Pieces

5/8/13: On the –mageddon watch:

5/16/13: Manwich and Beefaroni as portmanteaus:
Manwich, Beefaroni, Rice-A-Roni, etc.

5/23/13: News on the edible penguin front:
penguin cookies, crackers, chocolates

5/24/13: News on the edible penis front:
penis cookies, chocolates, brittle, crackers, pasta, sushi

5/25/13: Departments: amazing food:
pizza smoothies, cockolate

5/30/13: Portmanteau news:

6/5/13: Extreme Twinkies:
Twinkies, taco sauce

6/7/13: Breakfasts:
variety of breakfast dishes, international foods

6/10/13: Foodmanteaus:
cronut, etc., with inventory of links

6/18/13: Rainbow cone:
rainbow ice cream cone for Pride Month

6/18/13: Annals of phallicity: the penis cake pan:
penis cakes

6/19/13: rainbow pousse-café:

6/23/13: Zesty Anderson Davis:
Kraft Zesty Italian salad dressing ads

6/24/13: More gay greens:
watercress, mâche, baby greens, mesclun, fennel, parsley, lamb and parsley stew, basil, pesto, chervil

6/28/13: Naked came the ad:
Richmond ham commercial, Richmond sausages

6/29/13: Rainbow pizza, rainbow underwear:
rainbow pizza

7/8/13: croquettes:
croquettes, croque-monsieur, sauces, “plain cooking”

7/10/13: Sexy olive oil:
Bertolli olive oil commercial

7/10/13: Sconic sections:

7/26/13: Benedictine and its kin:
dipspreads: Benedictine, tzatziki, pimento cheese, Liptauer

7/30/13: Little fat sheep:
Mongolian hot pot

7/31/13: Wednesday puns:
Tex-Mex cooking

8/1/13: The Luffa and the Wompom:
luffa gourd

8/9/13: This month’s miracle green:

8/10/13: chef’s salad:

8/11/13: tartare:
(beef)steak tartare

8/12/13: tartar sauce:
tartar sauce, remoulade

8/12/13: tarator:
tarator, raita

8/13/13: More raw protein:
carpaccio, ceviche, raw oysters and clams, an assortment of sauces and dressings

8/18/13: quinoa:

8/23/13: Share the rainbow:
Skittles, rainbow cakes

8/24/13: pickles:

8/30/13: Tasty names:
Haagen-Dazs gelati

8/30/13: Tasty names 2:
food names (Dan Jurafsky)

9/6/13: Quisp and Quake:

9/12/13: BearBoat:
BearBoat and other entertaining wine names

9/19/13: Miscellany for 9/19/13:
saganaki (#11), tartare (#12)

10/24/13: Marcella Hazan:
Marcella Hazan, Ada Boni

10/10/13: traditional Czech triplecoat:

10/13/13: More dispreads:
more dipspreads: hummus, tapenade, spinach and blue cheese, glop (garlic paté), blue crab and artichoke, taramosalata, guacamole, refried bean dip, cheese dips

10/13/13: small dishes:
meze, appetizers, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, tapas, zakuski, dim sum

10/26/13: kale:

11/3/13: Tarepanda:

11/16/13: Macho Nachos:

11/25/13: Penguin food:

11/25/13: Two from Zippy:

12/26/13: Seven Fishes:
Feast of Seven Fishes

1/10/14: Banana candle:

1/15/14: grain-free:

1/20/14: pepper pot:
pepper pot soup / stew, tripe

1/28/14: flag food:

2/16/14: zakuski:

3/24/14: Breakfast around the world:

3/25/14: Food names:
EU product labels

3/28/14: A diner and taco sauce:
taco sauce

4/17/14: Lurid Easter food:
intensely dyed eggs, pink cake

4/19/14: cold curried lima beans:

4/22/14: The bloody Mary:
the bloody Mary cocktail

4/25/14: Don Rosa:
U Giancu restaurant

4/25/13: The poetry of green tea:
green teas

4/28/14: Zippy on sleep and more:
Kentucky country ham and beaten biscuits

4/29/14: jerk-off:
jerky, jerk(ed) food

5/5/14: Styles of cheese:
shattercheese, crumblecheese

5/11/14: Graphic cookbook and more:
Lucy Knisley’s graphic memoir Relish, with recipes as well as reminiscence

5/13/14: Linguist in the media:
Dan Jurafsky in the NYT

5/19/14: Commercial portmanteau:
Subway’s Flatizza

5/21/14: Three diverse:
Judge Arrow liqueurs

6/15/14: Chuck Jones:
duck, rabbit


6/20/14: On the foodmanteau front:
Taco Bell’s Quesarito

6/22/14: Charles Barsotti:
fusilli, rotini

7/15/14: Hybrid dishes and foodmanteaus:
wonut; other foodmanteaus; and other hybrid dishes

7/22/14: hash browns, home fries:
+ fried potato cakes / mashed potato cakes and Tater Tots

8/7/14: Power Dogs:
hot dogs in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

8/22/14: Dubious disavowals?:
Dirty Bird fried chicken

8/23/14: haloumi:
halloumi / hallumi / haloumi cheese

8/25/14: Cowboy Rub:
(dry) spice rubs

8/26/14: More cheese, and conversion by truncation:
Chihuahua cheese

9/6/14: What a difference 30 years makes:
Dan Jurafsky’s The Language of Food on restaurant menus

9/8/14: Birthday presents:
#4: rainbow birthday cake

9/13/14: Sweet rainbow food:
rainbow cookies, rainbow (jelly) fruit slices

9/13/14: Linguistic diversity among the nopalries:

9/18/14: The uses of etymology:

☛ 9/19/14: Two from the Advocate:
the Proud Whopper (Burger King)

9/21/14: Hero sandwiches:

9/22/14: Bad to the Bone:
Bad to the Bone bbq restaurants

9/26/14: Roost Lake Trout:
Baltimore’s “lake trout” (whiting)

9/27/14: Slush Puppie:
Slush Puppie (flavored ice drink), hushpuppies (corn bread)

10/2/14: Word geographies:
words for ‘onion’, ‘tea’, ‘cheese’, ‘cucumber’

10/6/14: turnip cake:

10/15/14: Choosing your words:
Japanese breakfasts; natto

10/23/14: Miss Florence and the Paleo Diet:
paleolithic diets; TV dinners

10/24/14: Familiarity:
Stove Top Stuffing

10/27/14: Putrid in context:
more on natto

10/31/14: Hipster chronicles:
beer-focused restaurants

10/31/14: whiskey:

11/4/14: Family, language, and food in the New Yorker:
Adam Gopnik on innovative pastries; Dana Goodyear on meat entrepreneur Anya Fernald

11/10/14: I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts:

11/12/14: Trademark annals:
Huli Huli Sauce, Hula Hule Sauce

11/24/14: Pumpkin spice days:
pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice

11/26/14: Fairy bread:

11/27/14: Thanksgiving crunch:
sugared cranberries, Cap’n Crunch cereal, Crunch Berries cereal, cranberry sauce

12/1/14: rainbow rice:
“rainbow rice” – i.e. sprinkles

12/7/14: Hanukkah play:
okonomi-latke (Japanese-Jewish pancake)

12/17/14: ice cream museum:
Neapolitan ice cream

12/18/14: Audio-lingual meatballs:

12/22/14: Winter greenery:
miner’s lettuce

12/22/14: portulacas:

12/24/13: mirlitons:
mirlitons / chayotes

12/24/14: Lusamerica Fish:

12/26/14: Ceviche Campechano:
Ceviche Campechano; vintage recipe books

12/29/14: seafood:
seafood; mariscos

12/30/14: potpie:
pot pie, including trendy variants

1/9/15: Advice from Weenie Beenie:

1/16/15: Indian:
Indian food, in several senses

1/21/15: Food photography:
stocks for soup

1/22/15: rainbow crudités:

1/25/15: What would you do?:
Klondike bar

1/25/15: savarin:
babka, baba au rhum, savarin

1/28/15: Zippy’s in Kansas anymore:
Pizza Hut

1/29/15: comfits:
comfits, dragées, Jordan almonds

1/30/15: Doing the fandango from Venango to Ilopango:
Japanese dango

2/5/15: Signs of spring:
buckeye candy

2/5/15: shawarma II:

2/9/15: hash brown built-in:
hash browns

2/11/15: Two more morning names:
Moros y Cristianos, rice and beans, etc.

2/13/15: Name that stuff:
pashmak (“Persian fairy floss”)

2/15/15: Morning name: calabash:
calabaza, butternut squash

2/24/15: Ode to Almond Joy:
candies: Almond Joy, Mounds, Mars

3/8/15: cruffin:

3/9/15: Morning name: salsify, with Swiss chard as a bonus:
salsify; chard

3/19/15: Back to edible penises:
gummi penises

3/20/15: cumin:

3/23/15: Peeps time in Japan:
Peepshi (Peeps sushi)

3/27/15: Reuben and Rachel:
Reuben sandwich, Rachel sandwich; corned beef, pastrami

4/3/15: Lamb ham and the seder plate:
lamb ham; the seder plate for Passover

4/15/15: magnum:
#1, #2: Magnum ice cream bars

4/16/15: The Sandwich Issue:
NYT sandwich issue

4/18/15: Anglicizing German:
beef on weck

4/20/15: On the double entendre watch:
pork shoulder; pulled pork

4/21/15: Rocky Road:
Rocky Road ice cream (and dessert)

4/26/15: Apologetic candy:
Milky Way candy bar

4/26/15: Morning: Great American Dream Machine:
grades of olives

4/28/15: Grimmy rides with Snoopy:
Red Baron (frozen) pizza

4/30/15: Feuilleton: red-flannel hash:
red-flannel hash

5/5/15: Roly(-)Polies:
Jam Roly-Poly; Roly Poly sandwich shops

5/7/15: Return to Norms:
tuna melt

5/8/15: L’eggo my Eggo!:

5/9/15: Flavor combos:
Sonic Drive-In Master Blast flavors

5/10/15: Hatch NM:
Hatch (NM) green chiles

5/20/15: Fig time:
figs; figgy pudding; Fig Newtons

5/23/15: California’s iconic food:
avocados; guacamole; California salad; California burger; California roll; California club sandwich

5/24/15: More California food:
California eggs benedict; California eggs; California grilled cheese sandwich; plus eggs benedict, grilled cheese sandwich

5/26/15: A California breakfast:
more uses of California in food names

5/30/15: A phonologist’s cartoon:
Stephanie Shih’s desserts for breakfast site

6/1/15: coriander/cilantro:

6/2/15: Allergies:
food allergies

6/3/15: culantro:

6/9/15: Annals of advertising: patriotism, sex, and overwhelming mouthfuls of food:
Carl’s Jr Most American Thickburger

6/11/15: One more monstrous food item:
Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites Pizza

6/18/15: The Haddockian argot, and licorice:
licorice candies

6/24/15: Hecho en México:
Sazon Mas Guapo rub

6/25/15: nutmeg, the verb:
nutmeg, the spice

6/25/15: Annals of advertising and poor taste:
Skittles ad

6/25/15: The news for penises, including accidental ones:
tube steak with white gravy; whole pork tenderloin

6/26/15: Happy Ending:
Friendly’s Happy Ending sundaes

6/27/15: In the monstrous food sweepstakes:
the deep-fried Big Mac

6/29/15: Hawaii’s iconic food:
Hawaiian as a marker for pineapple

7/6/15: Zippy in Holyoke:
hot dogs, popcorn, baked beans at Nick’s Nest in Holyoke MA

7/8/15: birch beer:
and other items of Pa. Dutch cuisine

7/13/15: piadini:

7/16/15: Zippy and the Icon at the Bluebonnet:
broasted chicken

7/30/15: Morning name: rajas:
Rajas con crema

7/31/15: PSP synthetic compounds:
chicken-fried steak (and other chicken-fried food)

8/1/15: Matters poblano:
mole poblano sauce

8/1/15: Another breakfast at the Gamble:

8/3/15: Annals of fast-food excess:
Wendy’s Baconator, Arby’s Loaded Italian, Subway’s Italian B.M.T.

8/6/15: The spread of popular culture:
replica of McDonald’s in Tehran, with food items for local tastes

8/8/15: On the Basque detail:
Basque food and drink

8/8/15: Phallicity watch: the mushrooms:
mushrooms for vegetables à la grecque

8/10/15: Food names, and plant names too:
categories and labels; foodstuffs and food preparations; names and things; marinara sauce, chili, sundae, omelettes and scrambles, pizza

8/10/15: Pizza that doesn’t exist:

8/13/15:Ice cream, roadside fiberglass, Caillebotte, and more:
King Kone ice cream, fastfood

8/14/15: Annals of phallicity: the hardness score:
tofu, banana, cucumber as phallic symbols

8/15/15: Crab feast:
snow crab, king crab

8/18/15: Back to San Marzano:
San Marzano tomatoes

8/20/15: Cotoneaster:
mozzarella and mozzarella-style

8/22/15: Seedy invasives:
dillweed, dill seed, and foods made with them

8/22/15: Annals of cultural diversity: B&H Dairy:
kosher dairy restaurant in East Village

8/23/15: At the fair:
State Fair food

8/26/15: Nothing says A like B:
Pillsbury Doughboy (Poppin’ Fresh)

8/28/15: Return to the crab feast:
Red Lobster crabfest; more types of crabs

8/31/15: Eat your weeds:
wild foods: lamb’s quarters, rose hips, dandelion shoots (wilted dandelion salad), stringing nettles, and cattails

9/4/15: Cotinus and the cousins of Cotinus:
cashews, mangos and mango dishes, sumac powder, sumac drinks

9/7/15: Returning to your roots:
sweet potatoes

9/8/15: Go for the nuts!:
testicles as food

9/11/15: Cochinita pibil:
the dish, its name, its ingredients; annatto

9/14/15: Superpatriot hot dogs:
Ball Park Franks

9/14/15: The speech of signs:
Blake’s Lotaburger

9/18/15: Breadsticks:
grissini at Olive Garden; casual dining restaurant

9/19/15: Muffins:
muffins, English muffins

9/24/15: Two notes from the obits:
Cornas wines; wine writing

9/24/15: Ruthie vs. N + N compounds:
monkey bread

9/25/15: Monkey puzzle tree:
monkey puzzle nuts

9/28/15: Leberkäs(e):
Leberkäse and Lebanon bologna

9/30/15: Roselle:
beverage (and more) from the roselle plant

10/1/15: Grilled:
foods a la Parrilla; other Mexican food vocabulary

10/6/15: More Saint Arnold:
craft beers

10/11/15: Walsh plays with formulaic and conventionalized language:
chestnuts; hot dogs; (sliced) bread

10/16/15: Meatless and brainless:
vegetarianism; meatless Fridays

10/16/15: Pasta fazool:
aka pasta e fagioli

10/18/15: Mornings and mangelwurzels:
mangelwurzels as food for people; beets and chard

10/22/15: Bread play:
Melba toast, sourdough bread

10/24/15: A regrettable food name:
Dump Cakes

10/25/15: Sunday penis notes: #3 phallic food:
penises as food; foodstuffs naturally resembling penises; foodstuffs fashioned to resemble penises

10/26/15: R(e)ubenesque:
Reuben sandwich; merely Reubenesque food

10/27/15: Pop-Tart blasphemy:

10/30/15: peanut(s), penis, and Cracker Jack:
Cracker Jack

10/30/15: National Candy Corn Day:
Candy Corn

10/31/15: Rosamunde:
Rosamunde Sausage Grill in SF (bar & grill, gastropub)

11/1/15: The morning after:
many candies

11/1/15: mussels:

11/2/15: The New Yorker food issue:
on pork barbecue in North Carolina; kelp as food; perceptions of flavor influenced by sound, appearance, etc.

11/4/15: Born out of breadlock:
the cronut

11/7/15: Adventures in food: vintage Betty Crocker, fun with hot dogs:
(and bananas)

11/12/15: cold cuts:
cold cuts, lunch meat, etc.; delicatessen in European and American senses

11/14/15: cioppino, sopa de mariscos:
and the stew/soup distinction

11/20/15: Foodnited States:
the 50 states in food, with puns and portmanteaus

11/20/15: Crunch Berries time:
Crunch Berries cereal

11/23/15: Nugenix:
fenugreek in cooking

11/25/15: You’re done:
pop-up timers for cooking meat, in particular turkeys

11/26/15: A non-traditional Thanksgiving dessert:
dried fruit compôte

11/26/15: stuffing, dressing, filling:

11/27/15: Canned cranjellyfish:
cranberry sauce / jelly / relish

12/3/15: Olneyville New York System:
hot wieners, with special sauce, in Rhode Island

12/5/15: Eatymology:
gastronomic language play

12/12/15: Dev Hynes:
blood orange

12/19/15: X queen:
X Queen restaurants and fast-food places; Philly cheesesteak sandwiches

12/20/15: Odds and ends 12/20/15:
on the expression (with all) the trimmings; Au Contraire Pinot Noir

12/26/15: Morning name: camellia:
tea (the beverage)

12/29/15: tomatillos:
tomatillos, salsa verde, posole

12/31/15: Zippy’s Eve:
Kansas (Fried) Chicken

1/5/16: The news for penises, issue #1 of 2016:
horsemeat, fermented mare’s milk, penises as food

1/28/16: Three Thursday cartoons:
#3 Zippy: soft-serve, cheese curds

1/31/16: mariscada:

2/7/16: At the noodle bar:
noodle restaurants, noodle bars

2/15/16: Another entry in the monstrous food sweepstakes:
The Counter and its burgers

2/17/16: Carl Barks on Easter Island:
chocolate moai at the World of Chocolate Museum in Orlando FL

2/17/16: A passion for pickles:
United Pickles in NYC; pickles the food, Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shops

2/18/16: Hoist a pint to the mondegreen:
beer glasses; food-oriented mondegreens

2/19/16: Ting-a-ling:
Mexican dish tinga

2/19/16: Mid-February news for penises:

2/25/16: a katakana para:
aloo tamatar, tapas, bananas, parathas, malangas, amaranth salad, Bahama Mamas, patatas bravas

3/3/16: Old recipes V: The dented tin box:

3/9/16: The miracle of toast:
artisanal toast; creamed chipped beef on toast, cheese on toast, beans on toast, milk toast

3/10/16: The news for penises: hot dogs for 5, carrots for 2:
fasting diets

3/11/16: Three from the New Yorker:
#4 guacamole sushi

3/12/16: Sweet nothings: candy, cereal, advertising:
Froot Loops cereal

3/15/16: Primary barbeque:
North Carolina (pork) barbeque

3/19/16: Han Dynasty again:
new Han Dynasty (Sichuan) restaurant in Manhattan

3/19/16: Sugar bombs:
Calvin and Hobbes cartoon with “Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs” cereal

3/19/16: Cheech:
chicharrones (and sources in East LA and Miami)

3/20/16: Rainbow Peeps:
Peeps, the candy

3/23/16: Play with Obi Wan Kenobi:

3/25/16: Morning name: scuppernong:
wine from scuppernong grapes

3/25/16: Hillstone Restaurants and the Hillstone Group:
the restaurants and their menus, plus links to eight recipes

3/25/16: More Peepsi:
Peeps sushi

3/26/16: A time to dye:
Easter egg dyes, home-made and commercial

3/28/16: Rendezvous at Zip’s:
diner food at Zip’s in Dayville CT

3/29/16: From a Maine diner to Southern squirrel stew:
Brunswick stew; diner food, including lobster rolls

3/30/16: Back to Braunschweig:
Braunschweiger sausages of several kinds; Mettwurst; kielbasas

3/30/16: Morning name: domoic acid (and Dungeness crab):
Dungeness crab and its preparation

4/1/16: Italian wedding soup:
the soup; and mother recipes

4/4/16: From the groaner annals:
ball park franks

4/6/16: Cucumber soap:
cucumber-yoghurt soup

4/7/16: Tastee days:
Tastee-Freez and other soft-serve ice cream

4/9/16: Zip-O-Rama:
Burg-O-Rama diner fare, Foodarama stores, Beef-A-Rama grilled beef cookoff, Lambo-Rama recipe

4/18/16: Meet the Wieners, stampeding in buns:
hot dogs, condiments

4/19/16: plate my meal:
Freshly meals; verbing of to plate

4/20/16: Ethnic food week:
piperade, Matzo-Kimchi Pancakes

5/2/16: Where is he now?:
Trader Vic’s restaurants; the mai tai

5/3/16: Morning names: thistles!:
Diestel turkey products

5/4/16: Wine tartar and Asian tartar:
tartar from wine-making; tartar sauce and beef tartare

5/20/16: Old fashioned Super Duck:
Super Dickmann’s chocolate candies

5/24/16: On the Hi-Lo:
diner food; Gary Coop-er at the Hi-Lo in Minneapolis

5/28/16: Two word-play cartoons:
Colombian coffee

5/31/16: The Great Pong:
Chicken Livorno

5/31/16: Tiger prawns and garlic noodles:

6/4/16: More sugar bombs:
sugary cereal in Calvin and Hobbes

6/11/16: Schmitts Gay Beer:

6/18/16: The avocado slicer:

7/4/19: Fireworks, hot dogs, and, yes, gun sales:

7/6/16: The Adventure of the Morning Napoleons:
mille-feuille, Napoleon, puff pastry, phyllo dough, baklava

7/9/16: chimichurri:

7/10/16: goober:
goober ‘peanut’

7/11/16: Word play for 7-11:
#3 the Slurpee from Seven-Eleven

7/21/16: Michael Crawford:
#3 preposterous entrees in Crawford cartoon

7/23/16: Let’s go paleo:
Paleo diet

7/27/16: Arthur Godfrey and Friends:
(old-fashioned) donut sticks

7/29/16: Naming names: the cocktail beat:
many cocktails and their playful names

8/1/16: Cereal mascots:
many breakfast cereals, most with lots of sugar

8/3/16: Taking things literally:
penny candy

8/9/16: Advances in the fast food world:
Burger King’s new Whopperrito

8/10/16: Violet-blue, white, and deep purple:
angelica the flavoring

8/15/16: Gross and flying penguins, Barsotti and flying squirrels:
frog legs

8/19/16: Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.:
Pink Pussy cocktails

8/19/16: Meatballs!:

8/31/16: On foot patrol, part 1:
Sushirrito, Umami Burger

9/1/16: On foot patrol, part 2:

9/2/16: Spot the error:
cooking lobster; Union Square Greenmarket

9/5/16: A Minneapolis fling:
bowling alley appetizers, including sliders; Little Debbie Pecan Spinwheels

9/12/16: The durian:
the plant and its fruit

9/18/16: Anniversaries:
50-year-old Armagnac

9/19/16: Horns:
Almond Horns, Mandelbrot

10/15/16: Zippy goes out to catch a bite:
donut shops; cane syrup and other sweeteners

10/17/16: More Zwicky postings:
muesli; several kinds of cheese

10/21/16: Two flowering trees in Kyoto:
tea, Brazil nuts

10/27/16: Two poignant cartoons:
Kreemy Deelite soft-serve ice cream

10/31/16: Five vegetarian meals:
meatless but imitative of meat

11/2/16: Annals of musical instruments: two 20th-century inventions:
Bazooka bubble gum

11/8/16: Perverted tastes:
foods with Mediterranean associations, with aphrodisiac associations, of phallic appearance

11/17/16: No cigar:
cartoon with asparagus spear, wiener, and banana aspiring to be cigars

11/19/16: Gluten log at the Bluebird Diner in Brooklyn:
wheat gluten; seitan; vegetarian meat substitutes

11/20/16: The mazel tov cocktail:

12/4/16: Twin Kings:
Burger King Whopper ad

12/18/16: The Yule log:
4 Yule log cakes

12/20/16: It’s beginning to look a lot like Fishmas:

12/22/16: Edible adjectives:
descriptions on restaurant menus, etc.

12/23/16: Mac Daddy Santa:
Mac Daddy restaurant in SF

12/23/16: Christmas dinner from the ’70s:
an assortment of vintage foods

12/26/16: Chocolate Santa, and more:
chocolate Santa candies

12/26/16: What’s seasonal, round, white, and has berries on top?:
pavlova (cake), (Japanese) Christmas cake; other seasonal foods

1/6/17: mi krop:

1/15/17: Mathematical Principles of Natural Fig Snacks:
Fig Newtons

1/22/17: Poppin’ Fresh in a pink dress:
Pillsbury products, cupcakes, Lay’s Potato Chips, saucissons

1/31/17: fudge:
fudge, brownies

2/1/17: fudge II:
more fudge

2/5/17: Pop food edifice:
cocktail meatballs, chili, sliders, hot wings, Chex, Chex Mix, Chex Muddy Buddies / Puppy Chow, jalapeño peppers, jalapeño poppers / armadillo eggs, Atomic Buffalo Turds, Jalitos, Cheese Doodles, Cheetos, Doritos, meze and other small dishes

2/7/17: finger foods:
the FINGER-FOOD category in western culture

2/8/17: More holiday food:
blini for Maslenitsa

2/15/17: The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises:
chocolate cupcake; HP sauce; restaurant

2/23/17: Morning: spanakopita:
spanakopita, baklava, phyllo, puff pastry

2/24/17: Morning: La Salade Imaginaire:
salade niçoise, île flottante, Romanée-Conti

2/25/17: Posole verde with chicken:
posole, hominy, tomatillos, cilantro

2/26/17: More piggery:
food-enthusiast snowclone X pig: ice cream pig, cheese pig, sushi pig, pizza pig

3/5/17: Body works, Part II: Mytilid Matters:

3/7/17: Mixing it up:
vinaigrette; emulsions

3/10/17: Friday cartoon 2: Remembrance of mustard past:
Dijon mustard

3/13/17: The (groan) burgers of Calais:
hamburgers, in France and in Maine

3/13/17: Culinary linguistics:
the 2013 book Culinary Linguistics

3/14/17: Pop, ejaculated the weasel:
papas con chorizo

3/26/17: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll:
roasts in Sepúlveda, Spain

3/29/17: Another phenomenally bad idea:
sweet and savory food; dessert hummus; combinations of sweet and savory; dipspread, crepetilla

4/2/17: National PB&J Day:
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

4/4/17: Quick, Bruce, the blat!:
Blatz Beer

4/10/17: Uneasy lies the head:
fugu from pufferfish

4/14/17: Passover minestrone:
minestrone, “minestra dayenu”

4/16/17: Peeps milk:
Peeps, flavored milks, eggnog, Red Velvet Cake, pumpkin spice, snickerdoodles

4/21/17: Seahorse on a stick, GBF, and the Describe-A-Muffin Task:
deep-fried seahorses and other sea creatures on a stick, in Beijing street food

4/24/17: Is that Paschal Peep in your pouch?:

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