The sounds don’t quite match

Two Christmas cartoons involving puns — one very close, one pretty distant. A Scott Metzger cartoon (which came to me through the Tysonism page on Facebook) and the Mother Goose and Grimm of 12/20/11 (which came to me though the King Features site):



#1 has dildos for Bilbos, which would actually be an easy mistake for Danny to make — if he didn’t think to wonder why Santa would want dilbos (while Dave was making Gandalfs). In any case [b] and [d] are incredibly close acoustically, so they’re very easily confounded.

On the other hand, hurtled gloves for turtle doves in #2 isn’t very close at all, but you can get away with such a distant pun when the context sets people up for it — in this case, by getting a partridge in a pear tree (well a Partridge Family video in a pear tree) into the first panel, so that people are set up for two turtle doves.

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