Dubious disavowals?

It originally came to me through Chris Hansen on Facebook, in this remarkable two-part image:


along with this story (by “Happy Gilmore”) from August 12th, reporting:

Welsh Fried Chicken Brand Defends Logo: Food Company defends its controversial new logo after customers complain about its phallic and unusual design reports Walesonline.co.uk

The owner of the Dirty Bird Brand has stated that the logo was just a unique way to change the “B” and the “D” look like a small rooster.

… The food company has also started using posters that state ” Touch My Thigh” and “Touch My Breasts” … Although, Dirty Bird owner Neil Young has backed his statements that these were not meant to be obscene.

Dirty Bird let http://www.metro.co.uk know that the images were in no way meant to upset their customers  … They wanted a fun way to portray a rooster. That’s all.

Those in doubt should check out the artists tumblr page – Mark James


My first reaction was that the whole thing was a spoof, but there is some indication that at least part of it is genuine — the part about the DB logo (so far I have no evidence that the “Eat Cock!” slogan appears in public):


The firm has a food van that sells fried chicken at festivals and events around Wales:


(Note the logo.) This from a recent posting on It’s On Cardiff, a website on pop-up restaurants in Cardiff:

Dirty Bird Fried Chicken: For a second lets forget their somewhat ‘phallic’ logo as here at It’s On Cardiff we’re more interested in their free-range buttermilk fried chicken!

The menu here features items such as the Dirty Hippy Burger with fried Haloumi, Chilli Slaw, Red Onion, Mayo, Hot Sauce and a pickled cucumber in a toasted brioche bun. Buttermilk fried chicken, Parmesan, Truffle Oil and Chives Fries and even a range (of what they’ve dubbed) bits on the side!

You may have already visited Dirty Bird Fried Chicken at their last pop-up event however to ensure you don’t miss out on a finger-licking good time, pencil the below into your diary!

Popping Up Next: [8/31/14, Street Feast Cardiff; 9/1 and 9/2/14, Jacobs Antiques Carpark]

The company seems to have no website, but it does have a Facebook page, where you’ll see that there are t-shirts available with the logo on them.

The story of the logo has been widely reported (in the Mirror, here, for example), with some customers finding the logo “rude” while the company and the logo designer continue to piously disavow any phallic intentions.

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