Briefly noted: ribbed, for her pleasure

Decidedly phallic funerary memorials have been common since ancient (probably prehistoric) times — presumably, representing aspirations to ascend in death to a new plane of being — but occasionally you come across a funereal erection that seems just remarkably phallic, like this gigantic memorial from Nisky Hill Cemetery in Bethlehem PA:

Hat tip to Ned Deily. And to Frank McQuarry for the tag in the title.

As for that tag: ribbed, studded, and other textured condoms are widely advertised as providing more pleasure for women.  Anecdotal reports suggest that some women get no pleasure from them (even finding them irritant), and some get considerable pleasure from them, while men strongly prefer no condoms or extra-thin ones.

2 Responses to “Briefly noted: ribbed, for her pleasure”

  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    About thirty years ago I slept with a very lovely fat woman who preferred these things – the only one out of a considerable number. If I may throw the ball into your court, so to speak: is this something gay men are more likely to favor than straight women?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      There may be bottoms who prefer textured condoms, but I haven’t come across any. Apparently, there are condoms textured *on the inside*, for the top’s pleasure, and that makes sense to me.

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