Annals of sexual slang: peacocks

News for penises, in Latin.

Mike Pope, posting on Facebook yesterday, this Duolingo example:


Eyebrows were immediately raised.

For reference, a peacock — a male peafowl, a bird whose name is a compound with head N cock ‘male bird, esp. a rooster’ — displaying himself:


Then this exchange on FB:

Michael Covarrubias: it’s even better that it says “we”. like it’s a fetish club or some sort of cult.

Mike Pope > Michael Covarrubias: Even better literally: “Fat peacocks please us”

Arnold Zwicky > Mike Pope: They always put the really dirty stuff in Latin. (“He showed me his pavo and let me stroke it”) Unaccountably, GDoS doesn’t have the phallic sense of “peacock”.

As a recognized enthusiast of membra virilia, I should add that pavones pingues do indeed please me, at least for (imagined) fellatio, not so much for paedicatio; while the reverse is true for pavo longus. But that in any case, I find pavo pinguis more aesthetically pleasing that pavones longi, despite the extravagant attention lavished on the latter in gay porn. (I recognize that others have tastes different from mine.)

Some gay men will, of course, eschew Latin indirection for crude sextalk in English: “I’m horny as fuck, need to get me some big hard peacock”, that sort of thing.

(In a distantly related development, English has a verb peacock ‘display oneself ostentatiously; strut like a peacock’ (NOAD) — now, specifically (of a straight man) to do this in an attempt to attract women. I’ll look at that one in a separate posting, in a while.)

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