The news for penises, including accidental ones

First, a little more on sexual tube steak. Then a couple images of accidental penises.

Tube steak. First to reminisce. From a 8/28/12 posting on “Gidget and her friends”:

[Tubesteak Tracy:] a reference to tubesteak ‘hot dog’ (as a nickname for [surfer Terry] Tracy). On this last, there’s a complex set of senses of hot dog involved here, most going back to the late 19th century: the sausage; the slang interjection ‘expressing delight or strong approval’ (OED3); and the slang (originally and chiefly U.S.) for:

A flashy, ostentatiously successful person; a show-off. In later use also: a person proficient at a sport, etc.; esp. one who gives a flamboyant display of his or her skill. (OED3)

(a sense that became especially prominent in skiing and surfing). Later — OED3 has it first in 1963 — came the specifically surfing use for ‘a large surfboard, somewhat smaller than a ‘gun’ ‘. The name Tubesteak picks up some of these associations. It might also have associations to the phallic slang tube steak, which I discussed here as a possibly unfortunate name for a hot-dog stand, noting:

Here the problem is yet another metaphorical extension of a word referring to a hot dog to use in reference to the penis; see the wiener discussion here.

Now on Urban Dictionary, an extension of simple phallic tube steak:

Army lingo for the male sexual organ; the penis. Typically used in the phrase “tube steak & white gravy,” a reference to an ejaulating penis, inserted into one of the drill/platoon/top sergeants’ numerous gay slurs directed at subordinates. (by Tummy AuGratin 2/28/06)

Accidental phallicity. Two photos that appeared during my recent search on tube steak: a penis of pork, and one that can grill food.


As you can see from the label, this is a whole pork tenderloin in a supermarket (posted on Pinterest by someone who found it on


(Well, I’ll.) Guy was just striding along, when Penis Cook popped out of his fly and started grilling away.

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