(About masturbation and its accompanying vocabulary, so probably not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The news for penises: the occasion is (International) Masturbation Month (the merry month of May), the news is the sexual verb stroke ‘masturbate, wank, jack off’ (both intransitive and transitive) — a specialization of the tactile verb — and the impetus for this posting is a Kink Store ad touting masturbation sleeves (aka cocksleeves) under the names stroking toys, cock strokers, and auto strokers. In particular the ONYX device, vividly illustrated in action in an image on AZBlogX.

Masturbation Month. From the Kink Store ad:

It’s International Masturbation Month, so stock up on Wands and Stroking Toys to celebrate in style!

On the event, see this 6/2/13 posting “A holiday I missed”, about Masturbation Day (May 7) and  Masturbation Month (May). With a link back to my 2/19/13 posting “wank”, which included a rebuke to the anti-masturbation forces.

The sexual verb stroke. From Green’s Dictionary of Slang under stroke v.:

1 to have sexual intercourse [first cite c.1642; the uses are both trans. and intrans.]

2 to masturbate [the uses are both trans. and intrans.; first cite c.1960: “So stroke! stroke! you master-Betas! / Raise your foaming cocks on high.”]

This is a sexual specialization of tactile stroke, as in NOAD2’s main definition:

move one’s hand with gentle pressure over (a surface, especially hair, fur, or skin), typically repeatedly; caress

Green’s second sense (which strikes me as surprisingly recent) is the ‘masturbate, wank, jack off’ sense relevant to the devices in the Kink Store ad.

Masturbation sleeves / cocksleeves.  I posted on 4/30/16, in “The masturbation sleeve”, on these devices (whose main parts are the outside sleeve, which the user holds in their hand, and the inside core, which provides the actial stroking, by the motion of the user’s hand or automatically, by electricity). What’s new (to me, but clearly not to others) is the terminology in the Kink Store ad: stroking toy, also cock stroker. But given the masturbatory verb stroke, these are utterly unsurprising.

In any case, the AZBlogX posting has a shot of a guy deploying a particular stroking toy, the ONYX. The brief puffery:

You will find the smoothest, most life-like core imaginable. Once you slip in and get the unit going, 10 independent rings grip and squeeze for a too good to be silicone feeling. $249.99.

(Yes, ouch, $250, plus batteries.)

In the AZBlogX photo, the (very intent) user has the stroker on his cockhead (so the viewer can appreciate the guy’s substantial cock, and identify with it). Obviously not WordPressable. But here’s a shot of this guy close to shooting ecstatically, plunged into the device up to the hilt (photo cropped to eliminate his non-WordPressable balls):

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  1. Mike Says:

    Fort Troff had a super hot video ad for a fleshlight with two really sexy guys using the toy in a parked car. It seems to have been taken down, but wow! It was super nice!

  2. Mike Says:

    It was one of those fleshlights built for two so they could each penetrate one end and see all the fun through the transparent plexiglass material. “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!”

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