Two extravagant mani-corns

(Unicorns are of course phallic symbols. But there’s more here.)

The first Facebook query came from Melinda Shore, who hoped I’d be able to identify the heavily muscled model in this campy purply-pink composition on Imgur:


I had no idea, and tracking down any composition on a meme site is almost invariably hopeless, so the best I can do is pass this on to you.

Then came Season Von Hexe, offering up another mystery mani-corn-aganza, this time on a rainbow them:


Also taken from life, but this time unposed, at some sort of public event. In this case a Google Images search served me well.

The mani-corn in #2 turns out to have been a big hit at the 2016 Coachella Festival (the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio CA), and this photo has made thr rounds on a great many sites. At least one of them identified the photographer as Frazer Harrison — but Harrison almost never identifies the people he photographs.

In any case, the guy in #2 is quite something to look at, and he sports rainbow (as well as a golden horn) with great aplomb.

2 Responses to “Two extravagant mani-corns”

  1. R Says:

    I started with “pink unicorn man” and a few Google searches later, came up with David Mason for Exterface. Also seems to sometimes go by David Mason Chlopecki.

  2. Wil Johnson Says:

    Second guy is Ethan Wall and he’s an attorney in Miami.

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