Jason Phoenix redux

(About lines between real life and invented life — as it happens, in the world of gay porn, using the model / actor Jason Phoenix as a case study, though genre clashes between non-fiction and fiction are pretty much unremitting. But there’s no getting around the fact that there’s a lot of talk here about men’s bodies and man-man sex, so the posting is not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Jason Phoenix (hereafter, JP) has retired from gay porn, but he is revived, again and again — he is a phoenix, after all — by Channel 1 Releasing and its subsidiaries (most recently in a sale ad yesterday, noted in AZBlogX), including two managed by Dirk Yates and his associates. One has been filming

“Straight Military Guys Doing Not-So-Straight Things” for nearly 30 years. (link)

(the conceit is that the guys are straight amateurs doing it only for the money) and the other provides flat-out gay porn, performed by professionals. But the studio regularly blurs the line between the two enterprises by presenting the pros as military naifs off the street. JP is an interesting case because it seems he did start out as a military naif off the street.

Yesterday’s ad had Dirk Yates’s “Boot Camp 2: Scene 2, featuring Private Jason Phoenix”, with the stirring text:

Private Phoenix, Naked, Hard, Jacking his Cock & Soaped Up!
Watch Straight Marine Jason Phoenix!

A pause to admire JP’s body, here with his fine cock and really complex phoenix tattoo cropped (the full photo is in the AZBlogX posting):

The person in the photo is

A tall (6’3″ or more), good-looking, rugged Marine, well-muscled, with a nice …(uncut) dick (also note: lightly scruffy face, lightly furred chest, and a number of tattoos), who’s (according to [an earlier C1R] ad) willing to take it up the ass for some money from director Dirk Yates (link from 2/10/16)

(Willing to take it up the ass, at least from Trenton Ducati, but also quite clearly gay-for-pay.)

This is from Yates’s pro porn site, but, like the earlier ad, it’s framed as if it were from his amateur site. My posting on the  earlier ad shows JP in Yates’s Present Arms and other films; my current posting shows him in Boot Camp 2 and also (with his purported step-brother J.D. Phoenix) in Dirty Lil’ Brother.

JP apparently was a Marine; at some point, according to this 2014 interview, he got into porn:

Tom Olah:  How did you first get into porn?

Jason Phoenix: I was approached at the beach to do a solo. I was very hesitant for a long time, but eventually did one, then another, and finally did a scene for Dirk Yates. Then I was picked up by C1R right away.

According to another site:

Also around 2014, Phoenix filmed six scenes of straight porn under the name Jason Rites for the website Brick Yates, which trumpets on its front page to be a shore leave for military men and women to get it on out of uniform.

Jason Phoenix deleted his Twitter account @MrJasonPhoenix in December, 2014 indicating that he’s officially retired.

So: a brief but substantial porn career.

JP on AZBlogX:

from 9/1/14, “Blowout and sleaze”: section on JP; JP sucked off by Johnny Hazzard in #2

from 7/18/15, “Porn sale 2”: in #1, Devin Dixon enjoying JP’s cock in It all Comes Down to Cock

from 2/10/16, “Jason Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and military mysteries”: the previous C1R ad

And then:

from 1/26/16, “Dean Phoenix in disguise”: in Dirk Yates’s God Was I Drunk (2013); and in Crew (2000) and with Tyler Scott in a 2011 video; Yates’s treatment of the most famous porn Phoenix, Dean (who has no military connections at all)

from 1/28/16, “Dean Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and curvature”: regular blog version of the previous, focused on the curvature of DP’s cock

Note: the phoenix, a symbol of power, strength, and renewal, is an extraordinarily popular figure for tattoos, especially for men.


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