The knitwear news for penises

From Aric Olnes, a link to this entertainment on the Dangerous Minds site: “‘Sexy’ Knitted Elephant and Snake Underwear for Men” by Tara McGinley 4/13/16 (intended for a woman to give her man, but of course a man could get (or knit) them for himself or for his guy):

Etsy shop WarmPresents makes these sausage packers if you’re interested in owning a pair.


Now prior to this discovery, I didn’t know these cock warmer underwear were “a thing”. But. They. Are. So I added a few others I’ve found on the Internet in a similar, er… vein

The best of the snakes (to my mind), in a side view:


Elephants and snakes, oh my!

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    In former times such an item was known as a codpiece. It’s a good thing Greenpeace doesn’t operate on the Grand Banks (I think).

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