The news for penises: a flower garden

Ok, you never promised him a rose garden, but maybe you can give him a penis garden. From RJP, this fine throw pillow, on sale at a web gift site (for $28.90):

RJP says it would make excellent wallpaper (of the computer variety, presumably, but you might conceivably put it up on your actual walls).

The sellers say:

Satisfy your latent phallic interests by decorating your home with some of these floral penis pattern throw pillows. At first glance the design looks like a lovely flower pattern – but take a deeper look – they’re overflowing with hardy cocks of all shapes and sizes.

Other sellers have the pattern in blankets, coffee mugs, and dog tags (surely someone offers t-shirts and men’s underwear). And in addition to teal blue, the pattern comes in (at least) green, yellow, purple, and rainbow.

(For comparison, you might look at my XXX-rated collage “Dick Bouquet”, aka “Crotchfruit”, #1 on AZBlogX here.)

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