Extreme underwear, some in rainbow

(Mostly about underwear, but a bit about language.)

Stumbled onto the StevenEven premium underwear site, with tons of astonishing stuff on sale, in particular things in the company’s Pikante collection. Two items from that collection: a double rainbow band thong brief, and a piece of extraordinary pouchwear, the Castro bikini brief.

The company’s blurb about the Pikante line (I have downcased the ad’s many things in SCREAMING ALL CAPS, but preserved its penchant for Initial Caps and its sometimes notably non-native syntax):

Pikante Underwear is our exclusive brand. We carry 100% of the Pikante Underwear (Spicy Underwear) Collection. If you are a Unico Underwear lover, you will absolutely fall for Pikante Underwear. What we love about Pikante Underwear is the combination of the extreme design with a sexy fit. We also recommend you this lovely brands, Xtremen Underwear. Checkout This New Brands: Joe Snyder Underwear, Candyman Underwear, Zylas & Wildmant

On the double rainbow band garment (again leaving the ad copy untouched):

Pikante 8009 Thong Lollipop Black [also in White]: The Pikante Rainbow Double Band Thong gives you minimal coverage but double the dazzling effect, thanks to the super bright double rainbow waistband. This comfy thong hugs your masculine contours, and shows off even more skin in the front through the sheer mesh pouch. If you want to go fancy, but still sport minimal coverage, this thong will do you proper. Fabric: 80% nylon, 20% spandex sheer mesh fabric pouch


The rear, in a thumbnail:


Oh my.

On to the Castro bikini brief (bikini in front, brief in back), with its extreme pouch. The ad copy:

Pikante Underwear Brief/Bikini Castro Black [also in White, Grape, and Green (to my eye, more like turqoise)]: The Pikante Castro Brief’s most outstanding feature is the anatomically-shaped pouch that’s elongated to cradle your package. The result is amazing comfort and a super sexy profile. The microfiber fabric forms an ultra sleek fit that won’t show under clothes, making this style ideal for when you want supreme comfort with a risque look. Composition: 85% nylon, 15% spandex stretch microfiber fabric forms ultra smooth, sleek fit



The pouch seems to have the ability to give its wearer a permanent half-hard-on (or it has a penile sleeve built in). Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem to have much room for the wearer’s balls.

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