Oil paintings in miniature

Another Xmas present: I Am Yours, by Joe Park, a collection of postcard versions of Park’s surreal (sometimes playful, often disturbing) oil paintings. Another one of those genres/styles (often featured on this blog) that leads us to ask:  Is it art? Or wordless cartooning? Or what?

About this 2011 postcard book from Chronicle Books in S.F., copy from Amazon.com:

I Am Yours: 30 Paintings: Seattle-based artist Joseph Park creates haunting scenes that recall cartoons and childhood fantasies gone awry. Equally charming and disturbing, Park’s universe is populated with thoughtful elephants, chess-playing bunnies, and lost princesses. Whether sent to loved ones or kept as a miniature monograph of this rising star, these postcards will transport you to a beautifully strange otherworld.

Joseph Park holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. He has had solo exhibitions throughout Northwest America, most recently at the Rena Bransten Gallery in San Francisco, California and at the Portland Art Museum in Portland.

So: an interesting and promising regional artist. The cover of the card book, with the painting Awakening on it:


One more sample, Little Territory:


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