Classless but far from sexless

Today from Daily Jocks: a sale on Marcuse wear, including the swim briefs modeled here by Friedrich (in Bondi Blue) and his man Karl (in Vamper Sky):



Friedrich quips that he and
Karl are exactly the same, he’s the
Bodybuilder model, Karl’s the
Swimmer model — met and mated in a
Historical Materialist t-room on
Ibiza, which boasts the world’s
Cruisiest Marxist colony — found
Marcuse’s unique lines of very
Low-rise committed-Marxist
Swim briefs, embodying
Carnal display and eminent
Fondleability in vigorous

Notes below the fold…

On Marcuse’s lines of very low-rise swimwear, with links to Herbert Marcuse and more, see my posting “Marxuse” of 9/8/15.

The Daily Jocks ad copy for the Vamper Sky:

Set off your summer tan with the sexy summer colours of Vamper. The V-shape print adds a sense of stylish symmetry, the drawstring and lining ensure your comfort, while the Italian fabric and Marcuse gold embroidered logo add the feel of quality and uniqueness.

And note the Marcuse logo, which manages to be both a fleur-de-lis and a cock and balls.

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