Mint, Flint, Slate, Brick

From Daily Jocks on the 28th, an Obviously AnatoMAX man, with a caption of mine:

He scrutinized himself pitilessly in the
Mirror, as a piece of meat to feed the
Hot guys – Was his hairstyle
Trendy enough? Would his long slim torso
Excite them, or did they need
Big muscles? Was the Hipster Trunk in Mint
Too faggy, or would that be a good thing? Would the
Humongous pouch make them laugh or
Get them hard?

He’s in a Hipster Trunk, which comes in Mint, Flint Blue, Slate, and Red Brick.

Earlier on this blog, on Obviously’s AnatoMAX design, with its truly huge pouch. And now:

AnatoMAX is the most recent pouch release and it is the largest pouch design available from Obviously. It provides a naturally shaped, anatomical pouch with MAXimum size, MAXimum space and MAXimum comfort. Available in Jockstrap, Thong, Brief, Trunk and Boxer Brief in all sizes.

For some guys, Size Matters.

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