The news for (big) penises

(The header tells the story. The X-rated images are on AZBlogX today, in “It was a dark and stocky cock” (here) and “Patrick Fillion” (here). But there will be some plain talk in this posting, so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The first AZBlogX posting has an item of male photography, of a man with an excellent furry body and a thick, stocky cock. The second is about gay cartoonist Patrick Fillion and his very X-rated one-panel art/illustrations featuring truly outsized cocks (plus ample butts and a variety of sexual acts). For this blog: a cropped photo that lets us focus on the model’s tattoo; and a drawing by Fillion of himself with his cast of characters from the 2005 book Heroes:



The tattoo in #1. This would appear to be the Egyptian god Anubis:


From Wikipedia:

Anubis … is the Greek name of a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head.

Two Fillion books. Both Heroes (2005) and Hot Chocolate (2006) — sexy black men — have hypersexualized physically exaggerated fantasy male characters in single-panel uncaptioned drawings that nevertheless tell bits of a story. (The character with an arm around Fillion in #2 is his earliest and his favorite: Camili-Cat.)

Multiple purposes. Material like #1 and #2 has at least a dual purpose, as works in some artistic medium (photography and illustration, in this case), to be interpreted and appreciated on their own grounds, and as a celebration of male bodies and masculinity — and usually also as a depiction of affection, heroism, dominance, humor, adventure, aggression, or whatever. In the second of these purposes, such works can also have a utilitarian, masturbatory function: to spur arousal and help bring the gay male viewer to ejaculation. Artistic and utilitarian aims can coexist, or work independently.

Gay cartoonists recently discussed on this blog include Tom of Finland, Josman, and a number of others. Back a bit (in a variety of styles):

from 1/19/13, illustrator “Kino Sekigushi”

from 9/16/13, “Joe Boys”: illustrator Joe Phillips

from 9/17/13, “Joe Phillips displays dick”

from 9/20/13, “Fritz of Holland”: another illustrator

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