Joe Boys

(Not about language.)

In my postcard queue yesterday, one by illustrator Joe Phillips:

Joe Phillips (born February 13, 1969) is an American artist, known for his mainstream comic book art and for his work depicting his views of gay life. He currently lives in San Diego, California. (Wikipedia link)

Phillips is the creator of the Joe Boy — young, fit, hung, playful, celebratorily gay, and highy sexed. Often found on California beaches, very often in groups of guys, just hangin’ out or horsin’ around.

Two examples:



He does a great many drawings of men kissing, sometimes in public places, as here:


And also solo shots of men displaying their bodies, as here:


There are plenty of penises in his drawings (not illustrated here). [But now I’ve posted five dick-displaying drawings on AZBlogX.]

In addition to his Joe Boy work and his comic-book work (mostly superheroes), Phillips also illustrates books (typically on gay subjects) — for instance The Joy of Gay Sex (3rd ed.). Here’s more kissing, from Joy:


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