Sexual -zillas

Scrolled past in the avalanche of spam this morning, a penis enlargement ad that promised to give me Cockzilla. Surprisingly, I hadn’t noticed this use of the libfix -zilla (from Godzilla) before — but it’s all over porn, straight and gay. And it’s spawned Blackzilla and Whitezilla, in which the cock is silent (but understood).

On -zilla in this blog:

— 12/22/08, Portmansnow words (link): snowtastrophe, snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, snowzilla

— 5/22/11, Portmanteau to libfix (link): beginning with Glennzilla, a reference to Glenn Greenwald; and then:

The libfix -zilla (connoting size, significance, awesomeness, or fearsomeness) hasn’t made it into Michael Quinion’s affixes site yet, but instances have been chronicled elsewhere:

mumzilla (here) and planzilla (here) in the Double-Tongued Dictionary
promzilla (here) and bridezilla (here) in Word Spy
panty-hose-zilla (here), beardzilla (here), and godcomplexzilla (here) in Wordlustitude

No doubt there are many more impressive -zillas to be found.

— 4/17/12, Flymanteaus (link): including Flyzilla

Then on to Cockzilla (with variants CockZilla and Cock-Zilla). Two videos featuring women: Cockzilla in My Pussy (link) and Ricki White Cockzilla in My Ass (link). (An astonishing amount of ass-fucking goes on in straight porn.) Then a jack-off video entitled CockZilla. And another jack-off video on the Cockenstein blog (that’s a portmanteau with Frankenstein, of course; the blog specializes in monster cocks), with this text:

Well well well, let me introduce you to Cockzilla. I have to say, I’m kinda digging the name. and of course his giant 12 inch piece of uncut meat.
Cockenstein vs Cockzilla??
You know I’d be down for the contest! Damm, how do you warm your ass up for a cock that big?

Then there a fair number of sites with Blackzilla, referring to a huge black cock, for instance

Nichole Heiress sucking a blackzilla clean (link)

And then big-dicked porn actor Rod Spunkel (how’s that for a porn name?), who sometimes acts under the name Whitezilla (link); teaser trailer here for:

Whitezilla, The Big Dick Honkey: This White Boy Knows How to Fill Up That Ass

(This is straight porn, but Spunkel also does gay porn.)

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