A planter for phallophiles

In line with my recent posting on vases for phallophiles, now a little planter for the same audience. Sold on Etsy last year, link sent to me on Facebook by Emily Rizzo, photo below:

Explanation from the site:

MRandMAsCeramiCrafts: This listing is for our regular size 04 bisque ready to paint clown cactus planter standing approx. 8 inches tall by 2 inches by 2 1/2 inches across with a shipping weight of 2 lbs.

The inside has been clear glazed so all you have to do is paint and plant! The finished planters are shown so you can see how they could look when finished.

I suppose you could call this a “crotch planter”. Pretty much anything you plant in it will appear to be coming out of the clown’s crotch — but some plant choices, like the blooming cactus here, mimic a penis more successfully than others.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Robert Coren on Facebook:

    I have to say I prefer my phalluses without sharp spines.

    Yes, it’s the fearsome penis spinosus ‘prickly dick’, the male counterpart to the vagina dentata.

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