Revisiting 11: news for wooden penises

David Preston on Facebook, with a comment on my posting yesterday “Alpine news for penises”, whose centerpiece was a large mountaintop wooden penis in Austria:

Also see the Finnish tradition of leirikyrpä.

A military camp tradition, specifically, illustrated here:

From the site of the Varusteleka Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company in Helsinki, announcing a photo contest on 8/1/16:

From time immemorial, Finnish warriors have worn puukko knives. It is the perfect knife – good enough for fighting, yes, but most importantly a man’s multitool. With it you can prepare what you have hunted, you can make fire and shelter, and you can make handicrafts. The most traditional of handicrafts is leirikyrpä or camp penis, a wooden cock. The English language is a bit lacking in this sector – all words describing the man’s sexual organ are euphemisms, whereas Finnish has several words reserved just for it, with varying degrees of naughtiness. The word “kyrpä” is definitely the roughest way to say penis.

Readers are invited to enter photographs of their own wooden penis carvings.

Apparently a leirikyrpä is an essential part of the military camp experience.

This is my rifle, and this is my gun
This is for fighting, and this is for fun

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