The eve of Pride Month

… brings gay porn sales for the occasion. (Warning: this will be about gay porn, with frank discussion of men’s bodies and mansex, so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.) The cover photo (technically not X-rated) for the C1R sale:


#1 focuses on one theme of the sale offerings: daddy-boy relationships. Then there’s a trio of Cocky Boys videos (featuring  young, impertinent, highly sexed characters) depicted in an AZBlogX posting, “Cocky Boys for Pride”. And finally, an ad section offering Brawn sex toys in the O-M-GLOW line: soft touch silicone that glows blue or orange in the dark.

Daddy-boy. The video Daddy, We’ve Been Bad, with this summary ad copy:

Daddy Rocco Steele’s huge cock busts open the smooth holes of boys Taylor Reign and Kyler Ash. Zader Cole gets all wet with beefy daddy Vinnie Stefano, taking full advantage of his thick cock! [And in a role-reversal episode:] Twink top Seth Stark gives it hard to daddy Luke Ewing’s willing hole, ending in a cum covered duo!

Cocky Boys. Adapted from the discussion on AZBlogX:

videos: Missed Connections; Take It to the Bank (Boomer, Calvin, Beaux Banks), Mad About the Boy. One set of sexual episodes loosely connected thematically (Missed Connections); one celebration of big dicks (starting with Boomer Banks and going on to Calvin and Beaux Banks); and one featuring twinkish, feminine, extraordinarily limber power bottom Liam Riley, whose taste in partners is for older, darker, powerfully masculine men.

On Banks, see the 9/23/13 posting on this blog; Raging Stallion bills him as the biggest dick in gay porn. Certainly he has a massive sausage, both long and thick. On Riley, see the 2/12/16 posting on this blog.

Arad Winwin is an aggressive muscleman top, paired nicely with cock-hungry Riley in this video. There are shots of Winwin, clothed and unclothed; and of Arad and Liam together. And then they proceed to the Flying Cowboy fuck shown in the C1R ad.

Let it glow. There’s a special sale section in the mailer on the O-M-GLOW line of sex toys, including dildos, ordinary O-shaped cock rings, double and single leashes, and dick/cock slings. The dildos, to give you a sense of what these colorful devices look like:



The cock rings are pretty much standard, except for the soft-touch silicone and the glowing in color in the dark. The double leash, from the Adult Empire site:

Rascal: The Brawn Double Leash. The Brawn Leash is the perfect cock ring, fully adjustable and easy to put on. The leash is 100% soft touch silicone. The 2 ABS [a type of plastic] latches allow for full adjustment possibilities. The Brawn Leash fits around your shaft, your balls, or both.

Here’s a double leash in basic black:


The single leash is essentially an adjustable cock ring.

Cock/dick slings come in several varieties, but they are mostly cock and balls devices. The Brawn description on

The first dick sling made of soft touch silicone. The Brawn Cage hugs your shaft and your balls for an extremely comfortable but snug fit. The Brawn Cage is much easier to get on than TPR [thermoplastic rubber] and won`t pull your hair out. Give the Brawn Cage a test run and see how it unleashes a powerful erection for you and your satisfied partner. From Rascal Toys. Black.


You can’t tell from the picture how the device works. But it too now comes in glowing orange and blue as well as basic black.

Ease into Pride Month with a dick sling!

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