The Pink Fellowship

(Men from the Pink Fellowship, in very skimpy underwear; racy language. Use your judgment.)

(#1) thong

Nights with pink pouches
Never reaching the end
Offers they’ve flaunted
Never willing to send

Knights with pink pouches
Famous cock teases
Offer their assets
Won’t close the deals

(#2) string bikini

(#3) jock

Three Pink Knights from International Jock: #1 with his thumbs hooked in the waistband of his thong; #2 displaying one armpit; #3 displaying both.

Background in my 10/14/17 posting “Angel Eagle’s knights”, from the underwear underground with Portalo, the Blue Knight; Rufus, the Red Knight; and Nero, the Knight in Black. And then:

The obvious place to go next is the Pink Knight, but that will have to wait for another time.

Now is that time. So far, the IJ knights from the pink dagger band. Now two men from the pink club band, arrayed in their signature boxer briefs with prominent pouches:

(#4) Modus Vivendi boxer brief

(#5) Dominik boxer brief

And then two men from the pink sleaze spear corps, courtesy of the Underwear Expert organization, which houses these men in its pink barracks:

(#6) TeamM8 brief

(#7) Modus Vivendi brief

What does pink mean? The Underwear Expert site directly confronts the meaning of the color pink as worn by men, in an 8/21/12 piece by Michael Kleinmann, “Expert Picks: Real Men Wear Pink”:

We all know a man who wears pink exudes confidence. Pink is a sexy color choice for all forms of men’s underwear, and it will surely get you noticed if you’re ever caught with your pants down. This alluring color is complementary to all skin tones, too, and signals that a man is self-assured of his masculinity [I’d say sexuality here, since normative masculinity might not what a particular man is aiming for], especially when he is proudly wearing it as underwear. Hot pink underwear works well against men with lighter skin tones, while light pink choices complement those with darker skin tones. Check out our top pink picks of briefs, trunks, jock straps and more and let us know which one works best for you. [#6 and 7 are two of these choices]

All this is against the background that pink has come to be associated with femininity (and so, in men, with homosexuality), while intense (saturated) colors — versus pastels — convey masculinity. In this light, men who want to avoid being identified as gay will avoid pink, especially pastel pink; men (of any sexuality) who are comfortable in their sexuality might happily wear pink because they want to signal that they are so tough that they can wear whatever they want or because pink flatters their skin tones or because they enjoy its intensity or whatever; and a gay man might want to signal his homosexuality (as a political statement or as a cruising tactic) or indeed, in a gender-bending display, he might want to signal elements of flamboyant femininity.

The various pinks are just colors, without any intrinsic meanings of their own. People, however, are inclined to treat them as symbols, with all the complexities — context-dependence, variation, change over time, multiplicity of messages, and so on — that symbolic associations bring with them.

One complexity for pink is that it’s become strongly associated, in the U.S. at least, with breast cancer awareness, with the result that a man sporting pink clothes might be understood to be signaling that he supports this cause. Not very likely for pink underwear, but still possible.

For obvious reasons, pink underwear — rather than pink t-shirts or pink socks or pink ties or pink running shorts — is especially likely to be understood as conveying something sexual: brazen display, calculated fagginess, sexual aggressiveness (for neon pink), sexual submissiveness (for pastel pink), and so on. The Underwear Expert piece touts pink underwear for everyone, but it might not work for some guys; a lot depends on the context.

Footnote: “Knights in pink pouches”. The Pink Fellowship verse above is of course a parody of the Moody Blues song “Nights in White Satin”, with the refrain:

Nights in white satin
Never reaching the end
Letters I’ve written
Never meaning to send

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