Angel Eagle’s knights

(Underwear guys, inspired by the Daily Jocks ad in #2 below. Sexy text, trips to the gay baths, so probaby not for kids or the sexually modest.)


The doorman of the underworld:
Portalo, the Blue Knight —

Gymangelic Portalo guards a
Subterranean landscape of
Man with man, a secret, dark,
Sweaty country overseen by
Angel Eagle


The doorman of the underwear:
Rufus, the Red Knight.
Inflaming desire,
Drawing you in


The attendant of the dark baths:
Nero, the Knight in Black
Satin, painted with the
Stain of Satan, over
Seer of orgy

Nero’s paint:


And two cinematic denizens of the underworld:

(#5) Laurence Olivier and John Gavin in Spartacus (1960)

(#6) Bathhouse couple from Mixed Kebab (Belgium, 2012)


The image in #1 and the main text there are re-plays from my October 3rd posting “Doorman of the underworld”. An image of Angel Eagle is there too. Plus images of men doing deliciously dirty things to one another in the dim light of the gay baths

The title “Knights in Black Satin” in #3 is a play on the Moody Blues song title, “Nights in White Satin”, which you can listen to here.

The obvious place to go next is the Pink Knight, but that will have to wait for another time.

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