Doorman of the underworld

(The Daily Jocks ad (for PUMP!) from 9/19, with a caption from me, plus some fantasy. About the gay world and mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

(#1) Doorman of the underworld

Gymangelic Portalo guards a
Subterranean landscape of
Man with man, a secret, dark,
Sweaty country overseen by
Angel Eagle

Pay Portalo with a kiss to
Enter, explore,
Embrace, explode, to be
Embraced, entered,

Angel Eagle. The wingèd angel-man, queer archangel (see my 9/30 posting on the archangel Michael):


Angel Eagle is the patron saint of the places of secret gay sex: t-rooms, glory holes, cruising turf, video arcades, gay bathhouses, saunas at gay gyms, backrooms of gay bars.

Three scenes in the shadows.

(#3) The approach of the muscle boys (photos by Steve Back)

(#4) In the orgy room 1

(#5) In the orgy room 2

(#4 and #5 are screen shots from the, um, moving gay porn video Metro Disco Orgy on xhamster.)

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