Repetitive phrase disorder

A phenomenon that Bill Griffith returns to from time to time, under a series of names. Today it’s repetitive phrase disorder, manifested in the tetrametrical mantra turtle-headed sea snakes:

Savor its power: say it three times!

Previously in this blog, on 3/3/10 in “Mantra of the moment”:

Zippy and his acquaintances are given to picking up and chanting “found mantras”, expressions that they find satisfying to repeat — in episodes of what Bill Griffith calls onomatomania (or phrase repetition disorderhere): [Zippy strip with “remote control bathtub jet ski”]

In earlier Zippy postings on this blog we’ve experienced people shouting “Grundy Gulch” three times (here), and also the attractions of “nuclear Obama-lama-ding-dong” (here).

found mantras, onomatomania, phrase repetition disorder, repetitive phrase disorder… Of these, I latch onto the second:

onomatomania, onomatomania, onomatomania!

Word attraction extended to the phrase level and made into a satisfying (though compulsive) verbal routine.

[Added a bit later: the name repeitive phrase disorder is of course an echo of repetitive stress disorder, a commonly used name for a medical condition resulting from repeated motion, also known under the names repetitive stress syndrome, and repetitive stress injury, and now conventionally referred to under the name repetitive strain injury.]

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